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    Moms, Note These 6 Tips For Singing Loris/Lullabies To Help Babies Sleep Better!
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    21 April 2017

    Moms, Note These 6 Tips For Singing Loris/Lullabies To Help Babies Sleep Better!

    5 mins read
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    Singing or humming to your baby is almost instinctive to every mother when she is trying to put her baby to sleep. It is an act of love and emanates from our natural instincts, even if we are musically challenged! Singing a bed-time song is a great way to help babies fall asleep, but they don't work all the time, do they? Well, it turns out that experts have found some tips for singing lullabies that can actually make them even more effective in solving a baby's sleep problems!


    Lullabies are among the best things in the world - they bring so much comfort to us when we are little that we keep associating them with sleep, our moms, and all things beautiful even when we are 50! Most babies love listening to lullabies or loris at bed-time, in whichever language you speak at home. It is something that helps them feel de-stressed and secure - the ideal environment for sleeping.

    But it gets even better! According to several studies in the field of baby-sleep, there are some little things we moms can do to make lullabies even more powerful! Take note of these 6 things when you're singing to your baby, and we guarantee he/she is going to have the most peaceful sleep ever.

    1. Hold Your Baby Close While Singing

      As moms, we have often noticed how a lullaby makes our baby feel drowsy and eventually fall deep in slumber. But the reason this happens is not just the tune; it is something else too: your physical proximity! When you sing to your baby, the little one sense that his mom is close to him; her voice is close to him and he can sense that even when his eyes are shut. This closeness is essential for a baby to feel comfortable, secure and eventually fall asleep.

      Experts recommend that you cradle your baby in your arms and rock back and forth as you sing to him. The skin-to-skin contact clubbed with rhythmic movements will ensure that your little one drifts off into a deep nap!
    2. Hum or Sing In a Rhythmic Manner

      So, what kind of singing works best for a baby's nap-time! Anything that imitates the kind of sound he/she used to hear when in the womb! There is no sound as comforting as the rhythmic noises your baby heard before he came into the world. This is also why white noise, or noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities, is such a hit with babies.

      So, you don't need to be the best singer to put your baby to sleep. Your baby is already familiar with rhythm from inside the womb, so merely stick to a rhythm. Even just humming to your baby works if you are not sure about a proper song with lyrics.
    3. Don't Let Other Sounds Interfere With the Lullaby/Lori

      Just singing your lullaby won't make the cut in putting your baby to sleep. The ambient sound too needs to be kept in check. Make sure that there is no loud or upsetting sound in the background, such a song blaring from the TV, or a vacuum cleaner in the adjacent room. Your baby might react to it despite your comforting tunes. Also make sure that the room is cool and comfortable so that your baby feels relaxed enough to catch a relaxing forty winks. ||
    4. Focus on Slow and Calm Melodies

      First things first - your voice is definitely your baby's favourite. So, you don't need to worry about being a top-notch singer, or be scared that you can't keep to a tune. Babies love their mom's singing - no exception! However, there is one little thing that experts suggest we keep in mind: focus on melodies that are soft, calm and slow. You can use lullaby CDs to sing along to as well. Such melodies have be known to work better in soothing babies to sleep.

      You can stick to traditional loris, use nursery rhymes if you like, or even remix your favourite songs to a softer, baby-friendly version. We don't need to tell you this, but keep the lyrics PG-13 at the least! :) You can check out some of the best and most comforting Lori lyrics here.
    5. Repeat The Same Lori Over and Over

      This one is really interesting. As per many studies, there's a small trick that is fool-proof when it comes to putting your little angel to bed: keep singing the same song over and over again! When babies listen to the same at bed-time every day, they start associating it with sleeping and automatically feel drowsy! Also, a change of melody just as your baby is drifting off can rouse your baby and he may wake up.

      So, just keep singing your chosen lullaby in loop, patting your baby's head or chest lightly, and cradling your baby. This combination works best when tackling sleep time with babies.
    6. Pick a Lullaby With your Baby's Name

      Finally, here's one more cool trick in relation to lullabies: pick one where you can insert your baby’s name. Moms have noticed that babies love to hear their name repeated in a song and it comforts them too! The best way to do is to hold your baby’s cheek next to your mouth, and hum softly.  The combination of your closeness, the vibration on his cheek, and the delight of hearing the sound of their name will together take him to dream-land!

    There, we are sure your lovely loris lulled your little darling into sleep! Once he is asleep, you can finally just enjoy that beautiful face twitch, or little fingers wriggle as he is far away in a dream world. Or you can catch some much-needed sleep too. God knows you need it!

    Which is your baby's favourite lori? Do share it with us in the comments below.

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