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    Mom's Foolproof Plan on How to Get a Baby To Sleep
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    08 October 2014

    Mom's Foolproof Plan on How to Get a Baby To Sleep

    6 mins read
    for New Born
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    Sleep deprivation is known to adversely affect your baby’s overall health and well-being. Establish a sound sleeping routine for your baby as soon as possible to avoid sleep related issues as your baby grows.


    It is normal for new parents to get nervous about handling a newborn. If getting adjusted to a new schedule and learning different parenting skills is not enough, think of learning how to change diapers, and cutting the nails of your little one. Add to it all your baby's sleeping schedule which will need to fall into a routine as early as possible.

    Newborn babies need a regular sleep routine to help them turn into sound night sleepers. It can be a struggle for parents to make their child fall asleep after a long day of fun-filled activities. Newborns need special care and a fixed bedtime schedule so that sleep deprivation does not affect your baby's health. Following tips might help you establish a sleep-time routine for your baby:

    Tips to Help Baby Sleep Through the Night

    'How to get a baby to sleep?' is one question that is sure to have given all the parents in the world many sleepless nights! However, it is not rocket-science. With the following tips to help baby sleep at night, you are soon going to get out of your insomnia and into a state of bliss! Ready? here we go!

    • Avoid skipping a bedtime routine

      Bathing your child using warm water, reading him a book and massaging him with warm oil as also singing a lullaby are all tried and tested methods which can help you soothe and put your baby to sleep. A comforting and familiar bedtime ritual is a must for your child as it helps him relax after a day full of fun and frolic. Put on his jammies and cuddle him until he falls asleep. Avoid any inconsistent sleep patterns for your child as this can make him cranky and grumpy.

      WATCH: Setting a Bedtime Routine for Your Baby

      This video will give you some quick and easy tips on setting a bedtime routine for your child.

      Now, let's move to the other tips!

    • Set up a sleep-time schedule for your baby

      Establish your baby's sleeping time in such a way that the baby always sleeps in the same place be it his crib, or a bed. Changing a baby's sleeping place frequently can affect his sleeping pattern, as these spaces might not be familiar to the child and sometimes a room can be too airy, too dark or too bright for the baby to feel comfortable. This is why most babies find it difficult to sleep away from home. It is why letting your child sleep in the same place is important - to help the baby associate with a particular place as his sleeping area. On a particular day, if the baby is sick and afraid of stormy weather, calm him down by staying with him in his bed or sleeping with him, and by not relocating him unless it is absolutely necessary.


    • Allowing developmental changes during a baby's growing years

      It is important to let your child adapt himself to a sleeping pattern set by you. Initially, he might take a few hours just to fall asleep, but the results will start to show once you start practising a set sleeping ritual every day. Since your baby is growing in size, his habits and routine are bound to change. Do not panic. He will soon get accustomed to an age-appropriate daily sleep routine on his own.

      sleeping baby and mom

    • Avoiding sleep-time distractions for a sound sleep

      To help your baby fall into a deep slumber, turn off and remove distractions such as noisy fans, radios and cell phones from the sleeping area. Put a baby at ease before he falls asleep by changing his wet and dirty diaper and soothing him down. Television, computer, mobile phones and bright lights can interrupt your child's sleep cycle. A baby's sleep-cycle can also suffer if he is uncomfortable due to the weather, or because of his clothing, as also if he is hungry when you put him to sleep. Keep a check on these things before you put the baby to sleep.

    This Real Mom Has Her Baby-Sleep Game On Point!

    We know putting your baby to sleep can be a real struggle. But who better to give you sage advice on how to get your baby to sleep through the night, than a real mom herself?

    Author and mother of two Emily-Jane Clark gave some sage advice on how to get your baby to sleep when she spoke to Mirror earlier this month.

    1. The very first thing that Emily-Jane wants you to do is to empty your bladder, and make sure you have your phone with you - because some days, your baby can take near about forever to fall asleep! So being organised goes a long way to prepare for a looong wait period.
    2. The next thing to remember is: a 'drowsy' baby is NOT 'transfer ready' just yet! Every mother spends time trying to make her baby fall asleep, but the most common mistake moms make is to put the baby down for her night-time sleep just as she starts to get all drowsy. WRONG! Wait for her to fall asleep, then wait an additional 10 or 15 minutes to make sure she's in deep slumber, then put her down to bed. 
    3. On the other hand, find your baby's sleep-'crutch'... the one thing your baby needs to do, or wants you to do for her to fall asleep. It could be anything from a cartoon, to a song, to being rocked, to being held in your arms near the window.
    4. Know that while sleep-deprivation is a real problem, it is only going to be a passing phase. So buck-up, and befriend coffee! (Go easy on the intake though, especially if you are breastfeeding your baby.)
    If you're looking for more details, read Emily-Jane's entire step-by-step guide.

    baby sleep recipes


    Real Mom Sasmita Shares Recipes That Help Her Baby Fall Asleep At Night!

    Establishing a bedtime routine for your baby can help new parents to be in control of their baby's nap-time schedule. It will also result into a sound sleep time for your baby who will start looking forward to his sleeping ritual be it bathing or reading stories or a lullaby with eagerness. Early to bed and early to rise may be the right mantra for your little one.

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