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    Meet Panda - The Cat Who Loves Her Human Brother Almost Too Much
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    05 March 2016

    Meet Panda - The Cat Who Loves Her Human Brother Almost Too Much

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    Cats are in love with themselves – or so it is said. They strive to keep their coats clean, pester you for food, and go off to sleep in the finest upholstery they can find. But Panda, a 2-year-old adopted cat, clearly loves someone else even more than herself – her human, baby brother!


    When Liel Ainmar Assayag, a mom from Canada, got pregnant, she had no clue she would find  a most interested and empathetic party in her pet kitty Panda! Right from the start, Panda would follow Liel around the house, tuck her head on her belly, and purr contentedly. Strange as it seems, Panda could probably sense there was a little person in there, and she wanted to do all she could to protect the baby and mom-to-be.

    Many pregnant women are apprehensive about being around cats, mainly because of the risk of toxoplasmosis. This is a rare infection that can be transmitted to humans through cat faeces. But guess what, you can only get this if you handle cat litter and don't wash your hands - not likely at all! In fact, you will be surprised to know how comforting cats can be when you are expecting. Kitties have been known to be extra affectionate at this time, which helps ease your mood swings, fatigue and hormonal imbalance. Exactly what Panda here exemplifies!
    But wait, what happened when the baby was born? Panda was confused at first, struggling to make the connection between the baby bump and this life-size baby in front of her eyes. But as soon as she understood, Liel says she'd jump on the bed near him, smell him, and sit next to him. She left no stone unturned to keep him safe, entertained and furry – erm, we mean fuzzy!


    The time when Liel keeps her baby in the crib is probably sad for Panda because she isn't allowed in there. But she makes sure she guards the surrounding area. At night, if the baby is crying, she meows and calls out Mommy. Never does she leave his side. Just like the other furry companions that are there to protect Baby Sean from harm.
    Pets can be a source of unending delight in the household. Their love knows no boundaries and no end. Research has also proven that raising babies with pets teaches them to be kind and considerate toward others. All you have to do is maintain hygiene, ensure timely vaccination, and help your pet and baby break the initial ice. Plus, when you have this cute a pet who also doubles up as an adorable baby-sitter, can you really be angry for too long at little upsets like cat fur on the bed or spilt milk in the kitchen? Nah. It's meow all the way!

    Do you have a pet at home? How do your child and pet get along?

    Share your stories and pictures with us!

    Via LoveMeow

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