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    Making Rakhi At Home – 5 Easy And Beautiful Handmade Rakhi Ideas
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    how to make rakhi at home step by step
    26 August 2015

    Making Rakhi At Home – 5 Easy And Beautiful Handmade Rakhi Ideas

    4 mins read
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    Come August 26 and sisters across India will get busy decorating rakhi ki thalis, picking pretty dresses, and anticipating the gifts their brothers will give them! While the markets abound with designer rakhis for Raksha Bandhan, there is something very special about handmade ones. After all, they are made with love and time – far more expensive than the priciest of store-bought gifts.


    Rakhi is a festival which lets you explore and enjoy the creative side of you. Of course, you can go out and buy an exquisite rakhi for your dearest brother, but it seems impersonal, don't you think? Do you remember the time, when you used to spend tons of time making the perfect rakhi for your dearest brother? Oh! what a time that was! Let's live that time are some creative ideas to make rakhi to let you celebrate the special bond that you share with your loving brother. If you're wondering how to make Rakhi at home step by step, we have rounded up some easy-to-implement ideas.

    5 Homemade Rakhi Making Ideas

    1. Love you beary much:

      Chota Bheem rakhi
      Who doesn't love a cuddly bear? You can help your daughter create an animal rakhi using some stickers and felt paper. Cut out a circle (A) from felt paper and stick a bear sticker (or the kids' favourite animal, or even Chota Bheem!) on it. Cut out a larger felt circle (B) in a different colour and place this below A. Slide in a coloured ribbon between A and B and stick it on using some double sided adhesive. Done! If you also happen to have a quilling set at home, just add in some details such as ears and noses. Your handmade rakhi for kids will be a showstopper!
    2. Bright and buttony:

      Button rakhis
      Nothing says “Love you, Bhaiya” as beautifully as a colourful button rakhi done by the little sister herself. All your little daughter needs to do is cut out a small star or circle from foam paper and glue it on to the center of a coloured ribbon. Onto this, sew on a bright button and you're done. If you have been thinking about how to make rakhi with craft paper, this is one of the easiest ideas to start off with.
    3. Shine like the sequins:
      Sequins rakhi

       If you have some spare sequins and felt paper, this is one of the best ideas for making rakhi at home right up your door! Tell your child to cut out a felt shape she likes. For instance, she can cut out a large red circle and outline a flower on it using a marker. Then, fill up the flower with sequins. Just dip them in glue one at a time to make sure it is neat. Glue or sew a ribbon underneath the shape and your rakhi is ready.
    4. Say it with beads:

      Beads rakhi
      Are you looking for rakhi craft for preschool? This one is so simple that you'll be surprised by the really pretty end result! Get some colourful strands of silk or wool – you're sure to find some in your wardrobe or sewing machine. Ask your little one to twist several of them together and then slide some golden beads in between. You have a stunner of a handmade rakhi ready in minutes.
    5. Peacock blue beauty:

      Peacock Rakhi
      If you're looking for more artistic fare, try this: take a paper doily or cut out a pink felt paper (A) with jagged edges. Take some blue felt and cut out a peacock-like felt shape. Stick a sequin onto the peacock and glue this onto A. Get the thread ready by twisting around a couple of Puja threads (or “mauli”) and painting them in a colour you like. Slide in some sequins into the finished thread. Finally, glue A onto the thread and sit back to admire your handiwork!
    This Raksha Bandhan, get together with your daughter to create a DIY homemade rakhi for kids. Make some beautiful memories and also teach her the labour of love. If your son is curious about the mother-daughter duo's rakhi craft ideas, get him busy with some handmade gift ideas for his sister. After all, his one in a million sister deserves to feel special this Raksha Bandhan!

    Do you have any more homemade Rakhi ideas? Do share your pictures with us in the Memory Section!

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    Comments (1)

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    Deboshree Bhattacharjee
    I love the peacock rakhee! I think I can get my little cousin to prepare this with just a bit of help. Will keep her busy for hours. :P
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