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    Make Father's Day Super Special - 3 DIY Gift Ideas for Your Toddler to Make!
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    11 June 2015

    Make Father's Day Super Special - 3 DIY Gift Ideas for Your Toddler to Make!

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    Partnering with your toddlers for innovative craft ideas for Father’s Day can be a wonderful experience. What can you do that makes your husband feel like a proud father? These craft ideas for your children will blow your husband's mind and leave him speechless!


    What's a better way to celebrate Father's Day than by helping your children plan a surprise for their dad? These innovative yet easy Father’s Day crafts for kids will be fun to teach your tots and also keep them well entertained. Find here a few ideas that are sure to melt daddy's heart.

    3 Father's Day Craft Gift Ideas that are Beyond Adorable

    1. Pocket-watch photo album:

      Timeless memories in the time-keeper? You bet! This is one of those Father’s Day crafts ideas for kids that makes a brilliant keepsake.
      What you need: An old pocket-watch or the shell of an old one, printed family photos, scissors, glue
      • Get your child collect family photos and have them printed to wallet-size.
      • Clear the interiors of the watch.
      • Put glue on the ridge part of the pocket watch (don't let your child play with glue!)
      • Help your child cut the wallet-size photos using the diameter of the watch as measurement. Make sure you use a soft-edged scissor.
      • Lay the circular cut-outs on a piece of fabric and fold them to form an accordion design.
      • Glue the designs into the watch.
      • Watch your hubby be pleasantly surprised when he opens the pocket watch and finds headshots of the entire family!
    2. Trinket Box:

      If you're looking for Father’s Day crafts for toddlers to make, a trinket box could be your safest bet. This gift is perfect especially if daddy is forgetful and can't ever seem to keep his keys and wallet in place.
      What you need: A bunch of ice-cream sticks, a felt sheet, glue, paint
      • Help your child lay down 6 ice cream sticks in a row.
      • Run a bead of glue vertically and horizontally on edges of the base.
      • Place an ice cream stick on each side, such that the four sticks run across the 6 sticks.
      • Continue till the box reaches a height you want.
      • Help your toddlers place a sheet of felt inside the box for a finished look.
      • Get your creative genius to paint the box in different hues.
    4. Hand-Print Plate:

      Another great Father’s Day craft for preschoolers is a customized hand plate. This will definitely give dad an ‘Awww!' moment.
      What you need: A flat porcelain plate, paints
      • Dip your baby’s hands in non-toxic paint and then place them on the plate.
      • Hold your baby's hand to draw little hearts around the plate.
      • The catchphrase: ‘I love Daddy’ can round out the beautiful design.
      • Put the plate in the oven and bake for 10 minutes so the paint is settled.
      • Place this plate on the dinner table and watch Dad's eyes fill with emotions!
    Get together with your kid for these crafts ideas for Father's Day at least a week before June 17th so you're not in any last-minute rush. Also, in case of a botched attempt, give it a second go. These cute gifts are perfect to teach your children how to love and honour their father for all he does for them.

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