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    Little Princess Charlotte Teaches Us One Important Thing About Family Holidays
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    09 March 2016

    Little Princess Charlotte Teaches Us One Important Thing About Family Holidays

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    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, recently took off with their two children to a ski holiday in the French Alps. While Princess Charlotte is only ten-months-old, she just taught us one very important thing about family holidays – something even royal families remember!


    When you go off on a family vacation, what is topmost in your mind? Recent social experiments have shown that many families are stressed out even on their vacation – not because of travel or food plans, but because of the constant digital and social media interference! During holidays, it has become almost mandatory to publish check-ins on Facebook, constantly click and upload selfies, and then stay tuned for likes and comments. As a result, there's no digital detox, limited privacy, and ultimately a holiday not as relaxing as it should have been. This is where the royal family teaches us differently.


    On their first ski holiday reportedly in the pretty Alpine village of Courchevel, William and Kate invited only a single photographer to take a small number of pictures. What's more, they decided to travel without telling the British media. Princess Charlotte, who has been the media's darling from even before her birth, spent a rollicking time with her Mom, Dad and two-year-old brother George – all outside the spotlight. For little Charlotte, this was her first holiday as a family of four and also the first time she and her big brother played in the snow. The sweet princess looked endearing in her warm and snug snowsuit – a spectacle of pink and white complete with a hood that actually had ears on it!
    As member of the royal family, it is difficult for the parents to keep their children out of the public eye. We think they have balanced this out perfectly – released adorable holiday pictures that will bring smiles to everyone around, and also managed to enjoy a laid-back, personal holiday the kids will forever cherish.

    Holidays are designed for family bonding. They bring us closer to our children, spouse, relatives, and even to our inner selves. Holidays are when you should dedicate your time to the people closest to you. Princess Charlotte, smiling her angelic baby grin, successfully teaches us that.

    Where did you go for your last family holiday? Do share your vacation pictures with us in the Memory Section!

    Via MailOnline

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