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    List of House Rules that Every Preteen Should Know
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    discipline at home
    15 January 2015

    List of House Rules that Every Preteen Should Know

    3 mins read
    Socio-Emotional Development
    for Pre-teen
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    When kids step into their preteens, they start perceiving life their own way. This is actually the time for parents to bring in some restrictions so that their preteen can understand the prevalence of discipline. But when implementing rules, parents must remember what exactly they want the child to learn!


    Many parents carry the wrong notion that stringent rules and harsh action are a prerequisite to maintain domestic discipline. While attempting such ‘law and order’ within household’s vicinity, they unknowingly miss out credibility and push the rebellion side of their younger family member. What every parent must realize is, though it is important to have rules set for their preteen, objective underlying these rules is - to make their preteen learn to live within set limits and behave appropriately .

    Here is a guide to setting smart house rules which can influentially teach your child the lesson of discipline, and still preserve the very purpose of setting house rules.

    House Rules – What you want to Teach?

    Adding value to your child’s life should be the only foreseeable outcome when setting house rules. Therefore, this is also the time for you as a parent to modify your definition of discipline and be ready to loosen some strings here, when needed!
    Also, it is viable to understand that this “list of house rules” is not all about things ‘not to do’; it is about showing child how to act and live within agreed limits. Your child is less likely to catch up the right message under bunch of prohibitions, but is more likely to learn the behavioral propensity when she enjoys her liberty within boundaries.
    Sensitizing the preteen about owning accountability towards self actions and behaviors is the third significant message you want to give.

    Setting Influential House Rules

    When chalking down the list of house rules, you simply need to include some effective inputs. Evidently, the seriousness towards discipline will speak for itself when you initiate an open communication with your preteen for clear understanding. Don’t forget to establish clear limits and expectations when listing the rules.
    • Stipulated time to get back home in evenings:

      Explain the child that she has the liberty to spend time out with friends but getting back within the set time limit is significant so as to manage dinner and bed timings. This also means enough time to schedule the next day on previous night.
    • Tidy up the room every weekend:

      The rule is meant to inculcate a liking for organized living. It also instigates the responsibility and a sense of ownership in the preteen. Smaller routines such as cleaning the shoes, disposing waste papers, etc. can be included in the list of house rules.
    • Following table manners when dining:

      You know that habits picked up now will remain forever, and adopting table manners is a significant one in that respect. That is why this is an apt one in establishing discipline at home.
    • Stern action about a wrong habit:

      Numerous wrong habits, such as banging the fridge door, speaking aloud, unfriendliness towards guests, etc. must be avoided. You may clarify your stand for non-adherence to these rules.
    There are no preset rules to establish in educating your preteen and contributing to her healthy growth; in fact parents need a customized list because they are the only best observers of their child’s behavioral patterns, habits and areas of concern. No matter what, better sense towards the rules will prevail only when your child knows she is involved, is aware of expectations from her, and understands that rules don’t mean absence of love and warmth.

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