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    Keeping your Teen Fit
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    Physical activity in teens
    11 March 2015

    Keeping your Teen Fit

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    Health & Safety
    for Teen
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    Promoting a healthy way of living is important to keep your teens fit. A body that is fit, will keep them away from diseases and also ensure a healthy mind.


    With the onset of puberty, many developmental changes occur in teenagers. It is at this stage, that one needs to inculcate in them the right approach to a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, with the modern lifestyle, obesity in teens is increasing at a rapid rate. The major culprits behind this change are junk food items and dependence on technology. While fried and oily food keeps them away from getting all the necessary nutrients; video games and television ensure they sit for hours without any physical activity. As a result, their metabolism slows down, making them gain weight.

    It is vital that parents teach their teens the importance of physical fitness and promote a healthy lifestyle in them. Habits of sufficient physical movements in a day will help the teens to grow into healthier adults.

    Benefits of Keeping your Teens Fit

    • Helps your teen stay away from various types of health diseases, especially obesity
    • Helps your teen maintain strong muscles, joints and bones
    • Keeps the skin clear of acne, which is a common teen problem
    • Helps the teen achieve a toned body that often earns him appreciation in his social circle
    • Helps him stay away from problems like blood pressure and hypertension
    • Helps teen girls to have regular menstrual cycle

    Tips to keep your Teens Fit

    • Building the habit slowly:

      Many preteens who are not much keen on exercising may not develop an interest, if you keep pushing them. The key is to slowly build their tolerance level for little physical activities. You can help them start with a short 10 minute walk in the park every day. You can slowly increase his time and also keep him active by walking with him to the market. You can practice reward therapy with him by offering him prizes if he completes his goal.
    • Cutting down on their TV time:

      One of the major deterrents in keeping your child fit, is the time he spends sitting in front of the television. It is advisable to confine your child’s TV time to only 2 hours in a day. You can try other activities for his entertainment like games with family or various outdoor activities.
    • Being a good role model:

      The best way a child learns is from his parents. So, be a good role model for him to learn from. Exercise as much as you can and stay away from a sedentary lifestyle. This will be imitated by your teen and they will try to achieve the same.
    • Make physical activities fun:

      Most times, teens lose interest in trying out new exercises, because they find it too boring. So, the trick is to make it more appealing to him. Making him physically active does not necessarily imply that you have to make him run or walk for hours. Help him join activities such as gymnastics, dance classes, yoga and see the difference.


    Things Teens need to keep in Mind while Exercising

    • It is important to know that physical activity is good, but should be done in moderate amount. Too much vigorous activity can lead to muscle tear known as strains or sprains.
    • Bone weakening and menstrual cycles can also get disrupted, if the teen gets involved in too much activity.
    • Only exercising is not enough for a fit body. You must ensure that your teens also focus on following a healthy diet.
    • Doing strenuous exercise does not imply it is beneficial. It should be done in moderate quantity for 45 minutes to 1 hour in a day.
    So make sure your teen follows healthy habits and stays away from a sedentary lifestyle.

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