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    Kareena Kapoor Is Now a Mommy! Here’s The Beautiful Name She’s Chosen For Her Baby
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    kareena kapoor’s baby
    20 December 2016

    Kareena Kapoor Is Now a Mommy! Here’s The Beautiful Name She’s Chosen For Her Baby

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    Today is a wondrous day for the Kapoors and the Khans – and for all of us who have watched Bebo through her pregnancy. She may be a Bollywood celeb but her pregnancy was close to the heart of every woman, for the beautiful way in which she balanced her life, her career as well as looking after her unborn child. And earlier this morning, at 7:30 AM precisely, Kareena Kapoor’s much-awaited baby finally came into the world, in Mumbai’s Breach Candy Hospital!


    Bebo is now the proud mother of a baby boy. Both the new mommy and her baby are reported to be in good health after the delivery. As for the families, they are not quite okay. They are ecstatic! The birth has been a much anticipated one, and there was news earlier that the date would probably be Dec 8 or 14, dates that coincide with her mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore's birthday and her granddad Raj Kapoor's birthday respectively. So even though that hasn't happened, December just became a month of great celebration!

    The new Daddy sees the birth of their baby boy as an expression of his relationship with Kareena. The baby stands for the love they share, and will be ‘half his, half hers’. He has been by his wife’s side all through her pregnancy, and it’s so heartening to see that even today, it is Kareena who is uppermost in his mind. The baby is special because he’s theirs, after all.

    “To have a child now completes us. There is something about a baby that is kind of half of mine and half of hers, so, it’s a nice feeling.”

    Kareena had a lot of support from her extended family too, all of whom were present at the hospital before her delivery. Her father, Randhir Kapoor, is delighted about holding his grandchild in his arms.

    “We are very happy. The baby is fine and so is Kareena. All of us are absolutely delighted.”
    In the weeks before her delivery, there was much debate on the internet over how Bebo was planning to have her baby in London. But Saif not only refuted all the rumours but strongly stated his trust in the Indian medical system, which is also where he was born.

    “What’s wrong with India? I was born in Breach Candy Hospital and we have wonderful doctors and also great support here. I don’t like the idea of [people] wanting to go off to the West all the time, and I don’t do that. But that’s the perception, somehow.”

    What Bebo and Saif have named their baby boy

    Kareena and Saif faced much speculation about what their baby’s name would be. At one time, Saifeena, which is a combination of their names, was very popular. In fact, there were reports that they were actually planning to call their baby Saifeena, similar to Misha, the name Shahid Kapoor and Meera have given their baby girl. The Dad-to-be had to actually issue a statement to confirm that Saifeena was considered only in a light vein and not seriously! So, what is the name they have finally settled on?


    Well, Bebo and Saif have thought of a truly beautiful name for their baby boy. Karan Johar, who was one of the first to visit the hospital after her delivery, confirmed this. The baby boy has been named Taimur. It is an Urdu word that denotes a brave king and is connected to the strength and willpower of iron. According to fables, Taimur was a very brave and famous king. But once, in the middle of war, his hand was cut off. He took cover in a cave, feeling drained and depressed. But there he saw an ant climbing the wall of the cave. The ant kept on falling repeatedly but didn't give up – not till he was successful in climbing that wall. And it was this incident that gave Taimur inspiration to only win every battle but become the epitome of iron-will. What could be a better name for the youngest nawab in the family, the one on whom both sides of the family have already started pinning their hopes?

    Why Kareena’s pregnancy has been truly inspirational’s pregnancy was a closely watched one, and this mommy-to-be didn’t disappoint. She carried herself amazingly well throughout her pregnancy, following a healthy diet and lifestyle, and not letting anything hold her back from her love – her work! She has truly shown herself to be a modern Indian woman who knows how to create balance in her life. Since times immemorial, Indian women have been working through their pregnancy, and Kareena has shown that this willpower and determination continues to live on in us today. Her sentiment toward her life and work is something that her husband Saif loves and respects. Plus, we think he also plays a big part in keeping her motivated all through!

    “One shouldn’t be scared to live one’s life, to travel, to have a relationship or to just work, if that’s what their priorities are. We are such a fear-based industry, and the fear leads to lack of expression and creativity. You also tend to be regressive when you are scared. You only do tried-and-tested things. We (Indians) need more confidence and freedom.

    And Bebo is free in her personal life. I don’t tell her what to do, and I respect her. That shows in the way she leads her life. I wish everyone was like that.”

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    We congratulate the new parents on the arrival of the youngest member of their family! The little one is both a nawab and a Kapoor and that’s a steep name to live up too. But we are sure that young Taimur will, just like his name, brave all odds to do us all proud!


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