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    It's Here! WOM's List of The Top 100 Baby Boy and Girl Names in India in 2016!
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    top baby names in 2016
    23 December 2016

    It's Here! WOM's List of The Top 100 Baby Boy and Girl Names in India in 2016!

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    When your baby’s arrival is due, you have such a lot on your mind! How he will sleep, whether he will feed well, how you will decorate his nursery...One more thing you’re frantic about is choosing the right name for your darling! You want to choose the perfect baby name that is connected with your traditions, yet is modern and cool. This is indeed a crucial decision since the name you choose will eventually become your child’s identity. Same as you, a whole bunch of parents faced this dilemma in the past year before making the crucial decision of naming their baby!


    So here we are, presenting the World Of Moms list of the most popular baby names chosen in the last year! The list includes popular names for boys and girls in no particular order of preference - they've just been shown preference, already ;)

    With a host of celebrity babies stealing the limelight, unique celebrity baby names started trending amongst our moms! The WOM community also shared their choices via the Newbie of the Month contest that we ran over the last few months! Plus, we were joined by a whole lot of beautiful mommies this year and they have all shared the names they chose for their little ones. Each baby name is beautiful and unique but time and again, some names just take the lead when it comes to popularity. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the top 100 baby names of 2016 - if your baby has one of these names, we must say he is quite a star already!

    Most Popular Baby Girl Names Of 2016

    1. Shanaya (First Ray of the Sun)
    2. Kiara (Dark-haired, God's gracious gift)
    3. Ahaana (Dawn)
    4. Kyra (Enthroned)
    5. Aaradhya (One who is worth worshipping)
    6. Mayra (Beloved)
    7. Saanvi (Goddess Lakshmi)
    8. Nitaara (Having deep roots)
    9. Akira (Bright and intelligent)
    10. Imara (Strong, resolute)
    11. Shakya (circle of energy)
    12. Samaira (Goddess of Beauty, enchanting)
    13. Sarah (Princess)
    14. Adira (Strong)
    15. Imara (Strong and resolute)
    16. Prisha (God's gift)
    17. Ananya
    18. Sana (Brilliance)
    19. Mahika (Dew drops)
    20. Ira (Goddess Saraswati)
    21. Sofia (Wisdom)
    22. Olivia (Symbol of peace)
    23. Ava (Life)
    24. Amelia (Work)
    25. Emma (Whole, Universal)
    26. Kaia (Stability)
    27. Nitya (Regular)
    28. Ishana (Desire)

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    1. Mishka (Gift of love)
    2. Anika (Grace)
    3. Siya (Sita)
    4. Aarayna (Queen)
    5. Riva (Joined)
    6. Pari (Fairy)
    7. Aayushi (One with long life)
    8. Akshara (Letters, Goddess Saraswati)
    9. Alisha
    10. Avni (The earth)
    11. Misha (Smile)
    12. Pihu (Sweet sound, Pea-hen)
    13. Saranya (Surrendered)
    14. Yashvi (Fame)
    15. Maahi (River, Great earth, Heaven and earth conjoined)
    16. Mishti (Sweet)
    17. Trisha (Thirst)
    18. Ruhi (A music tune)
    19. Vaani (Speech)
    20. Ditya (Goddess Durga / Lakshmi; Answer of Prayers)
    21. Aliya (Excellent)
    22. Zoe (Life)

    Most Popular Baby Boy Names Of 2016

    1. Aryan (Noble)
    2. Vihaan (dawn or beginning of a new era)
    3. Vivaan (First rays of the sun)
    4. Arnav (Ocean)
    5. Sai (Divine - Unisex Name)
    6. Ayaan (Destiny)
    7. Kabir (Great)
    8. Neil (Blue)
    9. Zayn (Bright)
    10. Advaith (Unique, free from duality)
    11. Aarav (in high regard of)
    12. Kian (grace of God)
    13. Viraaj (King, The Sun)
    14. Ishaan (Shiva)
    15. Shayan (Intelligent, Courteous)
    16. Aarin (Mountain strength)
    17. Andrew (Manly)
    18. Ranbir (Brave warrior)
    19. Aahil (Prince)
    20. Zidaan (Shooting Star)

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    1. Oliver (Olive: symbol of peace)
    2. Aiden (Little Fire)
    3. Mohammed (The Most Praised One)
    4. Lucas (Bright or shining)
    5. Siddharth (Accomplished)
    6. Noah (Comfort)
    7. Ibrahim (God's messenger)
    8. William (Resolute protector)
    9. Ayansh (Gift of God)
    10. Krishna
    11. Vyom (Sky)
    12. Arham (Merciful)
    13. Keyaan (King)
    14. Neev (Foundation)
    15. Shanay (Power of Lord Shani)
    16. Adhrit (Lord Vishnu)
    17. Viaan (Lively)
    18. Rihaan (Prince)
    19. Ridaan (Lightening)
    20. Reyansh (a ray of light)
    21. Rohan (ascending)
    22. Karthink (One who bestows courage)
    23. Aditya (Sun)
    24. Arjun (Honor, bright & courageous)
    25. Arnav (Ocean)
    26. Ansh (a musical note)
    27. Atharv (The first Veda)
    28. Advik (Creativity)
    29. Shiva (The Lord)
    30. Ezra (Helper)
      Expectant parents out there, we hope you find some inspiration from the WOM mom community! And moms and dads, did your baby's name get featured in this list? Give us a shout out if so!

      What have you decided to name your bundle of joy? Share with us your choice and we'll add it to the list!

      Comments (9)

      profile pic
      Aishleen is my daughter's name which means gift of god
      profile pic
      Arsh is my baby name which means beyond the limits till d sky
      profile pic
      Sebi Ketan
      Kayleen is my daughter's name, which is unique name and it's meaning is beloved, sweetheart.
      profile pic
      Nisha Thakkar
      Harshit & Parv is not in list
      profile pic
      Minal Inani
      Yug is,not in the list
      profile pic
      Hriday Meenakshi Khatter
      Hriday is not in the list
      profile pic
      Namrata Sharma
      My daughter's name " VRITTI" is not there in the above list.
      profile pic
      Poonam Lalwani
      My daughter's name is Advita (means Unique, unparalleled)
      profile pic
      Rima Paramanick
      Yes.. My daughter's name Samaira is there in the list.
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