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    Is Your Child Having Trouble Socializing?
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    Parenting Socio-Emotional Development
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    social skills in children
    06 July 2015

    Is Your Child Having Trouble Socializing?

    3 mins read
    Socio-Emotional Development
    for Pre-teen
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    Erratic social skills, if not improved in childhood, may linger on in adults. Modern mums are sensitized to their child’s overall development and lay adequate stress on developing his social skills. Learn how you can help your child pick up basic social skills and put them to use.


    Social skills are pivotal for a gratifying and successful life. Emotions, intellect, ethics and behavior make up the set of skills which will always hold your kid in good stead. As his mom, be his guide in developing social competence, empathy and resilience, and in making sense of complex social relationships.

    Identifying Your Child's Social Skills Malady

    Inadequate development of social skills in children can imply impacted verbal, nonverbal and behavioral competence, thus adversely affecting your little one's overall development. NLD (Nonverbal Learning Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit- Hyperactive Disorder) and SCD (Social Communicative Disorder) can all affect social skills. While the symptoms may not be easily perceptible in early childhood, understanding the causes of your child's condition will help you deal with it effectively:
    • Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD):

      NLD is a developmental impediment and often goes unnoticed and undiagnosed, causing much distress to the little one suffering from it. These kids find it difficult to understand the body and facial language, follow intangible notions and identify congenial or social clues. NLD also impacts self-controlling skills like taking turns and allowing others to speak, apart from affecting their studies, especially mathematical abilities.
    • Attention Deficit- Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD):

      Socialization with others is a matter of grave concern for ADHD Children. They face a hard time in focusing and controlling their impulses and are often hyperactive. There is also trouble in turn taking, besides having difficult listening.
    • Social Communicative Disorder (SCD):

      Kids with SCD show difficulty keeping up with the spoken language. This affects their inclination towards people and limits interaction. This difficult with language makes it hard for them to adapt to situations and appreciate non-verbal communication, apart from struggling with phatic functions.

    Helping Your Child Develop Social Skills

    It is natural for you to be distressed to find that your child has a social skills related disorder. The situation can lead to conflict in the family apart from causing you much stress. However, the following are some ways for you to cope up and handhold your child into being a social individual.
    • Observe and jot down notes about your child's behavior over time and in different settings. This will help you identify the major concerns your little one has with socialising.
    • Talk to your kid's teachers, child experts and learning experts about his condition. Several social skills disorders are now treatable or at least manageable with therapy and guided sessions.
    • Carefully observe and evaluate your child's performance in studies. This will be a profound help in figuring out his strengths and weaknesses and giving him specialised support where he needs it most.
    • Engage in fun yet useful activities with your child that reduce his feeling of isolation. Activities such as role playing and interactive games to build social skills can be very useful.
    Don't let your anxiety about your child's social skills be the end of the world. Identify and understand his condition to help him emerge from the suffering and take slow but steady steps towards being an amiable member of society.

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