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    04 July 2016

    Is Your Baby Crying For No Reason At All? This Is What He's Trying To Tell You!

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    You have changed your baby's diapers, fed him on time, played with him, and ensured that he gets adequate sleep. Just when you think baby should be calm and happy, he bursts into tears. At times like these, you wonder what it could be that is behind the crying? Is your baby trying to tell you something that you are not able to understand? Is there a hint you are missing?


    We have all experienced these situations when all the needs of the baby seem to have been met. He is not too hot or too cold, but comfortable. His diapers are fresh. He is well fed and not ill. Everything seems to be just fine, and you have been spending beautiful moments playing together. But then, suddenly, your baby starts wailing. This is the kind of crying that can stump anyone simply because there seems to be NO apparent reason!

    Well, a group of Japanese researchers has been conducting studies on how and why babies cry. And their research has found out what exactly your baby is trying to tell you when he cries for no obvious reason. As part of this research study, the Japanese researchers analyzed the cries of two babies over a period of six months. They evaluated baby's emotions before crying, such as distressed sounds, frowns, and smiles, and their emotions after crying stopped. This is what they found - and it's a sign of how smart our babies are!

    Both babies were often unhappy just before they started crying and even after crying stopped. But in one instance, one of the babies showed positive emotions a few seconds before crying! How was this possible? If she was happy, why did she cry?

    It turned out that the baby's positive emotions were triggered because her mother was playing with her. But then she left for a while. And this is what made the baby cry! Her smile returned again after the mother returned. So, the crying was actually a plan on the baby's part to seek her mother's attention! In this case, the only reason the little one is crying is because he wants your attention and wants you to play with him! How smart!

    Yes, the instances of attention-seeking cries are rare. They are more likely to happen when baby has siblings to compete with for your attention. Wanting attention is a very basic need, even for a child, and getting enough of it will affect your baby positively in the short and long run.

    When To Worry - and When Not To - About Your Baby's Crying

    Now that it has been scientifically proven that babies don't always cry because something is wrong, or because they are in pain, how can you understand when to worry? As moms, we ALWAYS worry when our baby cries, but that doesn't mean we can go rushing to the doctor at the slightest warning. Over anxiety can get passed on the baby as a personality trait and is something we need to avoid.

    Just heed the following signs to figure out if you should be worried about your baby's crying or not:

    • Is your baby crying for an extended duration and not stopping even after you play with him?
    • Is his crying episode preceded by sad or distressed expressions?
    • Is your baby's crying accompanied by fever, cold, cough or tummy problems?
    • Is he crying in a manner that is unusual for him - e.g. weak crying or crying without sound and tears?

    Over time, you will be able to predict when baby will cry for a real, physical reason, and you will be able to meet baby's needs even before he starts to cry. On the other hand, if your baby was happy, playful or perfectly calm before he started crying, chances are it's 'fake crying'! Of course, it's not fake in the true sense of the word – unlike older children and adults, babies are too innocent and pure to actually fake tears.

    Well, whether your baby is crying because she is distressed, or because she wants you to pay attention to her, as mothers we need to comfort our baby. Also, the bond between you and your baby will only be strengthened when you respond to all of your baby's cries. Do not worry about spoiling your baby as all the attention and care in the world cannot spoil your baby.

    And one day, when your baby will stop crying just to get your attention, oddly enough, you will miss it!


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