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    Is Your 12 Month Old Making Eye Contact Yet?
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    12 month old baby development
    05 February 2016

    Is Your 12 Month Old Making Eye Contact Yet?

    3 mins read

    for Baby
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    If your baby has not yet made her first eye contact, don’t get anxious. Be patient and continue to talk to her and encourage her to meet your eyes. Soon, you and your baby will be there; and it will be the beginning of a whole new level of bonding.


    Do you remember the first time your baby’s eyes met yours? Many parents impatiently wait for the day when their baby makes her first eye contact with them. However, you must remember that every kid is different. If your friend’s son has already started responding with a strong grip or through eye-contact but your baby hasn’t, don’t press the panic button. The developmental schedule of a baby varies from one to another, and when your angel will finally meet your eyes; oh, what a moment that'll be!

    Meeting Your Child's Eye for the First Time!

    • When do babies start making eye contact?

      The standard age when babies usually start making coordinated eye movement is when they are about 8 weeks old. But set your mind at ease; if your baby has crossed her 9th week and is yet to make her first eye contact, don’t fret. There are several babies who initiate eye contact as late as 3 months old and grow up to be perfectly fine.
    • Why is it such an important milestone?

      A baby’s eye-contact is considered an important development is because it signifies healthy neurological development in a child. When she starts looking you in the eye, it means that she has started responding to her surroundings and is making emotional advancements. Also, eye contact is the foundation of the bond that your child will share with you for life.
    • Is there a delay in your child’s eye movements?

      If your daughter is close to 6 months but you haven't experienced the feeling of first eye contact with her yet, visit your paediatrician to test her eyes for vision problems. If there are no issues with her vision, then he might advise some tests to assess behavioural problems or ask you to observe her developmental pattern closely over the next couple of months.
    • Help your baby:

      Studies have revealed that babies start recognising their parents from the second day of their life. If you're getting impatient about your child not making an eye-contact with you, start by helping her through the process. When your baby is calm, try to encourage her to see you in the eye. Don't try that when she is cranky due to sleep or hunger. Help your 12-month-old make eye contact by always talking to her or looking directly into her eyes. Avoid averted gaze.
    • How about some visual aids?

      One effective way to initiate eye contact with your little one is by sticking an eye ball cut-out on your forehead.  Also, visual aids like colourful stickers are a proven way to reinforce the habit of eye-contact.
    Instead of getting unnerved about the delay in your baby’s eye coordination, do the needful and help her reach an important milestone!

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