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    Indian Foods to Improve Breast-milk Supply
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    07 October 2014

    Indian Foods to Improve Breast-milk Supply

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    One of the earliest pieces of advice a doctor will give you post-delivery is about breast-feeding a baby. Two statements that hold mothers in good stead- ‘The more you feed, the more it flows’ and ‘It is all in your head' when it comes to new mother's showing concern about breast-milk supply. Having said it, Indian mothers find it easy to incorporate different ingredients into their daily diet. Some of these galactagogues (natural herbs and meds that promote breast-milk production) can go a long way in helping mothers to increase their breast-milk supply. Below is an easy to refer and implementable list.


    Indian mothers use a variety of herbs and natural medicines in their diet that are believed to aid in the process of lactation. Once a baby is delivered, most new parents will shift their focus on the baby's safety, vaccination and breast-feeding schedules. Breastfeeding, as experts unanimously agree, is the best way to boost a baby's natural immunity and development.


    Indians have traditionally understood the importance of breast-feeding a baby, which is why they keep their diets rich with certain herbs and natural medicines that help them in lactating.

    Which Foods Will Help you Increase your Breast Milk Supply?


    • Tulsi / Holy basil – This is a herb that is usually worshipped (in India) for its nurturing capabilities. It is believed that a few leaves of Tulsi boiled in water, or consumed daily in cup of tea is said to go a long way in breastfeeding.


    • Leafy vegetables like methi (fenugreek), palak (spinach) and mooli (asparagus) can be had as boiled salads, as an accompaniment with rice/chapati, or can be stuffed in a thepla or paratha.
    • Green vegetables like lauki (bottle gourd), tinda (apple gourd) and tori (sponge gourd) can be had as an accompaniment (sabzi) with some spices thrown in.
    • Other vegetables like carrot, beetroot and sweet potatoes are highly recommended for increasing breast-milk supply. Salads and soups made with these vegetables are great options to be tried.



    Dried Fruits and Seeds

    • Nuts and dried fruits, such as almonds and cashews are also known for their quality to boost breast-milk. One of the most popular ways of having some is by crushing them and adding to your daily dose of milk. This also makes gulping down milk a lot more tolerable for those who otherwise gulp it down like daily medicine.
    • Jeera (cumin seeds), til (sesame seeds), suwa (dill seeds) and ajwain (carom seeds) can occupy substantial place on your shelf for the duration that you are breast-feeding.


    • Brown rice, is a rich source of dietary fibre. It is a great option to incorporate in your daily diet.
    • Fruits – Papaya; the fruit you were to asked to avoid like plague during your pregnancy can now become your best friend.
    • Dals, masoor dal (the pink one) in particular, is an excellent ingredient that may be easily included in ‘sambar’ or made like a simple ‘daal’ preparation.
    • Garlic, is also an excellent food item that can boost a mother’s breast-milk supply.
    • Water – it hasn’t earned the moniker of ‘elixir of life’ for nothing. Include ample quantity of water into your daily diet.
    Midwives, experienced mothers and peers may also recommend some Ayurvedic over-the-counter medicines like ‘Satavarex’, a product available in most Indian stores which is considered remarkable for increasing breast-milk supply.

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    Archana Dhongadi
    Shatavari powder also increases breast milk....



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