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    Important Physical Fitness Activities For Kids
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    Physical activities for children
    09 October 2015

    Important Physical Fitness Activities For Kids

    3 mins read
    Play & Learning
    for Toddlers
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    While playing with toys encourages your toddler's learning abilities, outdoor playing is important for his physical well-being. Try out various activities that can help your toddler stay fit so you can promote a perfect balance between the two.


    Your toddler is now growing up and will not be content with lying on the bed and fiddling with his favourite toy anymore. This is when you need to encourage your child to be physically fit. In fact, if your toddler has started walking properly, he must get three hours of physical activity everyday. This will help fight obesity at a later age and also promote motor skills.



    Fun But Useful Physical Activities For Children

    • Interactive activities:

      If your toddler has started communicating and understanding what you speak, try to talk and play along. Demonstrate to him activities like walking, crawling, jumping and hopping.
    • Imitating activities :

      Toddlers love to imitate their super mommy! You could clap, walk,crawl, run, march, spin, roll, kick and do a lot more to amuse your child. He not only takes interest and copies your actions, but also looks up to you as a role-model.
    • Following the beats :

      Music is known to help in the development of your baby. If your toddler is exposed to different tunes and beats, he will surely follow as you sway to a few numbers. As soon as the music plays, watch your kids express emotions and move in whichever way they can with their little limbs.
    • Outdoor Activities :

      Why not get your toddler to play in the park, handle the sandboxes, chase bubbles or splash some water in the pool? Nothing like a few unstructured yet fun activities to get your little one perked up!
    • Indoor Activities:

      Try ‘hide and seek’ if you are sure your toddler won't be frightened to see you disappear all of a sudden. In fact, try it nevertheless to make him fearless! Teach him how to stretch after waking up in the morning. Hide a clock which ticks and let your toddler locate the hidden treasure. Even playing ‘Pass the Ball’ can be super useful.


    • Household Activities :

      It’s good to start making your child understand your life and the battles you face daily to keep things in order. Let your child help you with small household chores like picking up a fallen sponge or handing you a tiny bowl in the kitchen.
    In today’s technological world, children are way too busy playing video games or sitting in front of the television. You must strive to strike a balance to make sure this doesn’t take over physical activities. Spread the activities throughout the day including both indoor and outdoor times. Remember that the more active your child is, the more likely he is to have a sharper mind!

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    Jessica Caroline
    We all want our kids to be active and healthy so that they can stay away from the risks of lifestyle ailments. Here are some engaging activities you can do with your child that will make fitness fun.



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