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    Importance of Routine in a Child's Life
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    Parenting Socio-Emotional Development
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    02 January 2015

    Importance of Routine in a Child's Life

    3 mins read
    Socio-Emotional Development
    for Pre-schoolers
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    Most of us function best with routines. For a child who is growing up, a routine provides a sense of security in the fast changing world. For parents, it eases out the daily struggles over the daily tasks revolving around their children. It offers additional benefits in terms of inculcating discipline and bringing in a sense of responsibility in the child.


    New parents will vouch for the fact, how tough life is with their newborn. One of the major reasons is that they have no routine. That is fine for a newborn, since he is driven solely by the idea of survival during the early days of his life. However, as a child grows his body clock falls into a rhythm, and he begins to learn to do certain things at certain times.

    Routine provides stability to a child and does away with the chaos. Having a simple schedule in place, that doesn’t stifle the child, helps him grow into a responsible and disciplined adult.

    Why you should Consider having a Routine for your Child

    • Routine gives children a sense of security:

      Not just children, even adults dread the unknown. Routine gives a child, the strength to deal with things that are changing around him – a new school, a new city, promotion to a new class or the loss of a dear one. Having a routine helps him get through tough times.
    • It eases parental power struggles:

      Once a schedule is in place and children start to follow it, the daily struggles to get basic tasks done is eliminated. Its a huge time saver for a parent.
    • It helps prioritize important activities:

      He knows, he has to make time for studies if he wants to go down to play. It works well for parents too who can set aside time to read to their child or pursue a favourite activity together. In the daily chaos of getting things done, it is quite common to miss out on precious moments with your children. Hence, specifically set time for them in your routine.

    • It inculcates discipline:

      Children are likely to get carried away while doing activities that they like. However, once they get used to a routine, they become disciplined. They will know when playtime is over, or when it is time for homework or dinner.
    • It makes children independent:

      Children enjoy being in charge of their own lives. When they have a routine they know ‘what comes next’ and that gives them a sense of responsibility and independence. For instance, a child might stop playing on his own when he knows it’s time to go home. It gives him a feeling of being ‘grown up’.
    • It helps get things done:

      A routine ensures the child as well as the parents make time for all the important activities they need to do. It teaches children to manage time. Without a routine, he would miss out doing certain things while spending more time at others.
    While routines are important, letting them go once in a while is equally important. This is what will keep the child’s spontaneity alive. Having a routine is what makes it fun.

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