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    If Your Baby Could Write a Diary, Here's What He Would Say!
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    24 August 2018

    If Your Baby Could Write a Diary, Here's What He Would Say!

    8 mins read
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    About Baby Dove
    When it comes to being a mother, there is no right or wrong way - only your way! This is why we partnered with Baby Dove to bring your baby superior skincare aligned to your instincts as a mother.
    If you've ever wondered what your baby is brooding over when he's got that mischevious gleam in his eye or staring off into space with a thoughtful expression, well, we've solved that mystery! We peeked into his mind and expressed his thoughts out in a baby journal; needless to say, it's an adorable, fascinating read!


    Ever wondered why babies sometimes have that thoughtful, pensive look? When a baby sleeps, have you heard tiny grunts, chuckles, and an expression that indicates he’s dreaming? Turns out, babies have thoughts and feelings way earlier than we think and far deeper than we give them credit for!
    We delved into the mind of your baby and penned down his thoughts in a baby journal. And guess what, we found out a ton of interesting things!


    My Mummy was really busy today. She is always busy throughout the day, looking after my every need, but Mondays are especially difficult. Daddy has an early morning meeting on Monday, and he needs an early breakfast. My Mummy also used to have an office job before I came into the world. But she’s currently on a break.
    “Don’t you miss your job? Isn’t this break going to affect your career?” A friend of my Mummy asked her today. I heard it on the speakerphone.
    “I am doing what seems best to me at this point. And I just want to spend time with my little love.”
    I thought that was really sweet of her. To be honest, I would have been fine even if she had decided to continue to go to office. I know she would have found a way to keep me happy and protected anyhow.
    After Daddy left for work, Mummy and I had activity time. She put me down on a soft floor rug, and I played with colourful toys. I even rolled over a bit; I can do that now as I am a big baby! I think spending time on my tummy like this is really helping me become stronger.

    Tummy time for babies


    I love bath-time! It is so much fun splashing around in the water. Sometimes, I splash water all over Mummy but she doesn’t mind; she only laughs and plays with me. I can’t believe I was once scared of bath-time. Every time Mummy tried to put me in the tub I would start crying. But now I know there is nothing to be scared. Mummy is there to protect me, and she uses only the gentlest soap and towels.
    There is something else that happened today that I am a bit embarrassed to write about in my baby journal. So, um, I had a diaper mishap. I was playing with my rabbit and we were really enjoying ourselves. Mummy had checked my diaper sometime ago and it was squeaky clean. She decided to let me be diaper-free for some time. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose but somehow I peed on the bed sheet.
    “It doesn’t matter, sweetie. Let’s clean you up.” Mummy put my rabbit aside and cleaned my bum with soft, Baby Dove Rich Moisture wipes. They made me feel super clean and fresh and ready to play with rabbit again.
    Mummy is the best!

    Bath time for babies


    Mummy was very worried and nervous today. She always gets frantic when there is anything wrong with me, even the slightest thing. I am actually doing fine; it’s just that the weather in our city is changing and my skin has become a bit dry.
    An aunty from the house next door came calling at tea-time and exclaimed, “Oh my God! Look how dry your baby’s skin is! Are you sure you know the right way to deal with it?”
    I don’t like it when anyone tells Mummy she is wrong. She is the one who understands all my needs and looks after me so well. In fact, she had already called up my paediatrician and discussed the problem. He told her that since babies have very thin skin, it loses moisture very fast. This problem becomes worse when the seasons change or the air is drier than usual.
    So, today, we skipped my tub-bath and had a sponge-bath instead. Mummy applied Baby Dove Lotion all over my body, and I loved the soft feeling it gave me. My dry skin was gone from the first use itself! That made Mummy feel better, and I saw her heave a sigh of relief.
    But I always knew she had nothing to worry about. She always knows how to set things right. I just wish she could read my baby diary to know how assured I feel about her.

    Holding baby's finger


    Today, lots of strange people came visiting us. I couldn’t recognise any of them. But I liked the girl who had brought along a furry dog. The guests sat and chatted with Mummy and Daddy for what seemed to be hours. While I waited patiently in Mummy’s lap for sometime, letting them make cute noises at me, I eventually got tired of all the attention. I was feeling very sleepy and wanted Mummy or Daddy to help me fall asleep by singing one of my favourite lullabies. So, I used the most powerful weapon in my armoury – crying!
    I overheard Mummy telling the guests that I get overstimulated when there are so many new people and my routine changes. I think she is right about that.

    Crying baby


    Daddy and I went to the park today. My Grandma was saying I am still too young to be taken outdoors since I am under a year. But the doctor said that as long as my skin is covered and moisturised, there is no harm. In fact, all of us need some of that golden sunlight to get strong bones and muscles!
    At the park, Dad gave me a ride around in my stroller. He sat on the bench and pointed out different birds to me. He also told me how much he was enjoying this new phase in his life, and how he still couldn’t believe he was a Daddy. Well, that could be fixed. I caught hold of his pinky finger with my little hand and gave him a toothless smile. I thought it would make him happy, but I had no idea why he cried real tears for ten minutes after that!

    Daddy and baby time


    I couldn’t sleep properly last night. Maybe I had taken too long an afternoon nap? I couldn’t believe it was bed-time already when Mummy came to put me to sleep. While I fell asleep for an hour or two, something woke me up.
    I think it was around midnight. Don’t you think midnight is just the perfect time to play with Mummy and Daddy? It is so quiet outside, and there are so many sounds you can fill the silence with! But Mummy and Daddy were sleeping and didn’t seem to be getting up with my gentle cries. So I launched a full-blown crying fest and they came rushing, bringing my favourite rattles and soft toys along. I had the best midnight play-session ever!

    Baby playing at midnight


    Today, Mummy played my favourite song for me! I remember it from the time she played it for me when I was still in her womb. It always made me feel calm and I would stop kicking about. It goes like this -

    Rock-a-bye baby, on the treetop,

    When the wind blows, the cradle will rock,

    When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall,

    And down will come baby, cradle and all.

    Isn’t it a beautiful song? And it’s so true for me too. I have come down into my Mummy and Daddy’s world and they love me so much. Even though I cannot talk or express myself properly now, I hope they know that I love them a lot too. They are always there for me and never get tired of playing with me (if they do, I just have to nudge them a little by crying!).
    My parents may not be perfect in every sense, or so the society says. But as far as I am concerned, they are the ones who know me best and try their best to keep me happy and healthy. They are real parents, and I love them to the moon and back!

    Mommy and baby

    Wonder how we found out exactly what your baby is feeling? Simple – you only have to see how he looks at you, with eyes full of love! As a parent, there are sure to be times when you feel guilt, self-doubt and confusion. But whenever negative feelings plague you, just remember that you are the centre of your baby’s world, and he loves you with all his heart. There is no right or wrong way of being a parent, only your way!

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