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    How to Wear a Saree During Pregnancy
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    Wearing saree during pregnancy
    15 October 2015

    How to Wear a Saree During Pregnancy

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    In spite of their love for the six-yard wonder, many women give up wearing a saree during pregnancy just because they're not quite sure how to drape one. Well, not any more! Take a look at saree-draping styles during pregnancy and learn what works and what doesn't.


    Now that you’re pregnant, your body will undergo a lot of changes. You’ll have to make a few concessions when dressing up to make way for your baby bump and to ensure your comfort. Don't let this come in the way of draping yourself in a saree, however; with that gorgeous glow on your face, you’re bound to make many heads turn! Remember an Indian pregnant woman in Saree looks the most beautiful.

    Useful Tips on How to Wear a Saree During Pregnancy

    1. Use a belly band:

      Use a belly band

      If you don’t want to flaunt your baby bump too much, you can camouflage it a little with a belly band. It’s made of a stretchable material that can be fastened at the back. Pick a band that’s the same colour as your saree so that it doesn’t show up. You can also try one that’s the same shade as the saree’s border. If you can't find any, make it at home using stretchy material and some hooks. Wrap it around your belly before draping your saree and you’re done!
    2. Flaunt your bump:

      Flaunt your bump

      If you’re up to it and have no qualms in showing off your baby bump, go ahead and tie your saree below your belly. It’s one of the best ways to drape a saree during pregnancy. It also ensures that the string of your petticoat doesn’t bite into your bump. To finish off, pleat the pallav for a smart look, or leave it open for a flowing touch. ||
    3. Drape your saree over the bump:

      Drape your saree over the bump

      Another style of draping a saree during pregnancy is to tie it above your baby bump instead of below. Just be careful to check the way the saree pleats fall. Stand in front of the mirror to measure how long the pleats are so that they’re not left dangling way above your feet. You can secure them with pins if the material is too smooth and slippery.
    4. Pick lightweight fabrics:

      Pick lightweight fabrics

      It’s important that you choose saree fabrics with some care. Wearing sarees while pregnant can be uncomfortable if they’re of heavy materials that weigh you down and don’t fall quite so gracefully. Go for lightweight fabrics like raw silk and cotton that are easy to drape. If you’re looking for a saree to wear to a formal occasion, pick a designer number in chiffon or georgette.

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    5. Experiment with different saree draping styles:

      Experiment with different saree draping styles

      There are a number of ways of wearing a saree during pregnancy that can help you look stunning and poised. Train yourself to wear one in the traditional Gujarati manner where the pallav is draped around the belly. The saree draping styles during pregnancy that you choose will affect not just your look but also your comfort. A saree with the pallav cascading down the front and then pinned over one shoulder is another style you can try.

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    Key Takeaway
    • Avoid wearing a front V-style pallav as it gives an illusion of a bigger belly.
    • Choose your draping style based on your comfort and decide if you are okay with showing off your belly and if so, to what extent. This will help in determining how much skin show works for you.

    Saree Blouse Designs for Pregnant Women

    A perfect saree look is incomplete without a blouse that complements the outfit. However, with that baby bump in place, it is always advisable to choose blouses that provide comfort apart from being stylish. Here are a few blouse designs that work well during pregnancy:
    • Loose and airy blouses

      Loose and airy blouses

      Pick blouses that are slightly loosely fitted, especially around the torso and mid-riff area as it provides room for comfortable breathing.
    • Jacket style blouse

      Jacket style blouse

      Some women do not prefer showing off their bump and therefore like wearing blouses which cover the entire region. Jacket style blouses are a good option to consider as they are stylish, loose, comfortable and cover the entire stomach region completely.
    • Blouses with diaphanous sleeves

      Blouses with diaphanous sleeves

      Sheer and loose sleeves are not only comfortable but in vogue too. You can choose to wear the regular length that you are used to, or experiment with flares, long or cap sleeves.
    • Choli blouse

      Choli blouse

      The traditional choli blouse always works well with a saree and can be quite comfortable to wear as it expands to accommodate your belly. Choose the ones that are slightly longer and have a loose fit so it doesn't provide any discomfort while sitting or breathing. Infact, it is also a good option to consider after your delivery because it is very nursing-friendly.

    Safety Tips While Draping a Saree during Pregnancy

    Draping a saree can be a little tricky, especially during pregnancy. Just like any other maternity wear, ensure that you follow certain guidelines to ensure safety and comfort while looking your ethnic best.

    • Check that you do not tie the petticoat too tightly as this may not allow you to breathe comfortably. Opt for an elastic thin petticoat instead.
    • Be careful while using a safety pin and ensure you use it from the inside to avoid pricking yourself.
    • Go for a loose blouse to facilitate ease of movement.

    Saree is a versatile piece of clothing that can never go out of fashion. Don't give up wearing it citing pregnancy as a reason. If your mother and grandmother could wear sarees in pregnancy, you can too! Just keep these tips in mind to look your elegant best.

    Image Source: Pinterest

    8 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Wearing a Saree During Pregnancy

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