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    How To Soothe Your Baby When He Whines Constantly
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    How to soothe crying baby
    29 July 2016

    How To Soothe Your Baby When He Whines Constantly

    4 mins read
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    Are you getting upset listening to the constant whining of your bundle of joy? If you nodded along worriedly, then you should try some effective tricks to soothe your baby. Read on to discover all about soothing your whining baby.


    Why Does Your Baby Whine Constantly?

    As your baby grows with time, he discovers and tries to express his independence. Since your baby is too young to learn and express himself in a proper language, whining is the only way for him to express his emotions. Besides emotions, there are numerous reasons for a baby to whine constantly. Some of the reasons for your baby’s constant whining include:
    • Hunger
    • Feeling sleepy
    • Irritation due to a dirty diaper
    • Wants to be cuddled or held by parents
    • Tummy problems such as colic, gas, and other issues
    • Wants to burp
    • Feeling too cold or too warm
    • Teething
    • Feeling overwhelmed due to noisy surroundings
    • Feeling dull or idle and wishes to go out
    So, if your baby is whining constantly, it can be due to any of the above reasons. Below are some effective ways to soothe your whining baby.

    9 Easy Tips To Soothe Your Constantly Whining Baby:

    1. Swaddle Your Baby :

      Swaddling develops womb-like feel for your dear little one. Swaddle your baby using a small, warm blanket to keep him secured and cozy. When you swaddle your little one, make sure you keep his arms out of the cloth wrap, as your baby needs to suck his fingers to self-soothe. Make sure that the top edge of the blanket is at baby’s armpit level and not at his chin-level.
    2. Give a Baby Massage :

      Massaging your baby can relax him and calm down his whining. Use baby massage oils and your gentle touch to massage him. A nice massage will not only calm your little one, it will also help him to fall asleep quickly and peacefully.

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    3. Encourage Sucking Reflex :

      Babies have a natural sucking reflex. If your baby is habituated to suck his thumb, help him find his thumb and encourage thumb-sucking as it helps baby calm his nerves. You can also provide him a safe pacifier to make him feel comfortable and soothe his whining. This trick works to curb whining, particularly during your baby’s teething time.
    4. Cuddle Your Baby:

      Your baby enjoys staying close to you. So, take your baby in your arms and cuddle him when you find him whining.
    5. Place Your Baby In A Rocking Chair:

      Rocking your baby in a rocking chair can stop his whining and bring a smile on his face. You can also consider placing him in an automatic baby swing, automatic cradle, or vibrating baby seat safely and entertain him.
    6. Try To Relieve Baby’s Stomach Gas:

      Your baby may cry constantly as he needs little pressure on his tummy to relieve gas or colic. Try laying your little one on his tummy on your forearm, with his head safely cradled in your hand. Lift your baby upright with his tummy on your shoulder. Lay your baby on his back and gently bring his knees near his tummy for ten seconds and then release them. Repeat to release the gas and make baby feel comfortable and happy again.
    7. Introduce White Noise:

      Listening to whooshing, random, or rhythmic sounds can pacify your baby, as they remind him of being in the womb. Try turning on a vacuum cleaner or fan that makes random noises so that your little one stares at it, listens to it, and stop whining.
    8. Sing a Song:

      Singing a lullaby or any musical tune that comes to your mind can pacify your whining baby. Even if you are not an expert in singing a song with perfect pitch, what matters to your little one is you are there with him and attending to his needs.
    9. Take Your Baby Outside For a Stroll:

      Fresh air and a change in the temperature and surroundings is bound to improve your baby’s mood. So, take your baby out with you for a stroll in a park or garden to stop his whining.

    Did you try any other tricks to soothe your whining baby? Which tricks worked out the best for you? Do share your experiences with other new moms by leaving a comment below.

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