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    How to Prevent Acne in Teenagers
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    Acne in teenagers
    11 March 2015

    How to Prevent Acne in Teenagers

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    Acne is a common teenage problem and comes with its set of challenges. Teenagers often find it to be a cause for embarrassment in their peer group and thus wish to stay away from it as much as possible. Help prevent acne outbursts in your teen by making certain changes in his lifestyle.


    As your child takes his first steps into his teenage years, he will encounter many bodily changes. One such common thing is the occurrence of a dermatological problem called acne. It happens as your child enters the early phase of adulthood and produces hormones known as androgen. These hormones cause the oil glands to produce excess of oil, causing breakouts in the form of acne in various body parts.

    Acne does not cause any serious threat to a teen’s health, but in certain cases, it may lead to permanent scars. And with the constant obsession that teens have with their body image, such breakouts can affect their self-esteem; they might feel low on confidence and consider it a deformity. This is why it is important for you, as a parent, to have an open discussion about this with your teen. Explain to him that acne is a common thing that comes along with puberty and will fade out soon. Also, teach him that acne can be prevented by a great amount if certain steps are implemented. However, before reading about the preventive measures, know about the types of acne.

    Types of Acne in Teenagers

    • Nodules or Pustules and Papules:

      These are serious lesions that appear swollen and red, and are mainly caused due to a tissue infection or inflammation around the clogged follicles in that area. They tend to be painful for the bearer and feel hard.
    • Whiteheads:

      These are white dots on the skin surface. They are pores impacted with the excess oil.

    • Blackheads:

      These are black bumps as a result of the excess oil pores, in which the material pushes out through hair follicles. The black colour is not dirt, but dead skin cells and bacteria.
    • Cysts:

      These are deep pus-filled pimples.

    Tips to Prevent Acne in Teenagers

    • Clean the face:

      It is vital to inculcate the habit of face cleaning in teens. Make sure your teen washes his face with soap at least twice a day. It will help keep off dead skin cells, impurities and extra oil from his face. Also, ensure that he does not use a harsh soap as this may damage his skin. Remind him to avoid scrubbing too harshly.
    • Moisturise the face:

      Go for a moisturiser that works well with your teenager’s skin type. Seek expert help to know what kind of moisturiser works best for his skin.
    • Keep away from too much makeup:

      Teenage girls tend to put on a lot of makeup, imitating the trend they see around. However, on such a young skin, chemical-filled makeup is not an ideal choice. So, make sure that even if your teenager uses cosmetics, she uses the oil-free ones.


    • Check on things applied on hair:

      Ensure that your teenager is not putting excess oil, fragrance or any kind of gel on his hair. If these things get on his face, they can lead to clogging of the pores, further leading to skin irritation. So make sure he washes his hair often and does not leave oil on them for long.
    • Follow an exercise regimen:

      Exercise cuts down stress, a major contributor to acne outbreaks. It also increases blood circulation in the body, leading to removal of dead skin.
    • Healthy diet:

      Finally, teach your teenager to follow a healthy diet and stay away from junk and oily food items.
    Make sure to teach your teenager to lead a healthy life and follow these steps for an acne-free skin.

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