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    How to Handle Terrible Twos Tantrums
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    How to deal with terrible twos
    07 March 2016

    How to Handle Terrible Twos Tantrums

    3 mins read
    for Toddlers
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    Has your angelic child suddenly started behaving like a monster? Don’t fret; it’s completely natural! Temper tantrums in toddlers during the terrible twos are merely outlets to emotions, and can be handled more easily than you think - with patience and a few pointers!


    By the time toddlers hit the age of 2, they start becoming moody, throwing tantrums, and using the word ‘no’ more often than not. This stage is typically known as the ‘terrible twos’. How to deal with it is a question that haunts every parent! The good news is that it need not be as difficult as it sounds.

    What are the Terrible Twos: Decoding the Phase

    Before dealing with children’s mood swings and temper tantrums, it’s important to understand what exactly they’re going through at this age. 2-year-olds begin undergoing major changes in every area during this time – motor, intellectual, social and emotional. They’re torn between a sense of independence and the need for dependency on their parents. It’s quite a lot for a toddler to deal with! Little wonder that temper tantrums become common since they’re looking for a way to channel their emotions.
    • When Do the Terrible Twos Start?

      It’s usually by the time your tot begins nearing the age of 24 months that he goes through this stage of development. As to the question that all parents wait for &ndash when do the terrible twos end– there’s good news! It usually ends by the time a child turns 4. However, this can be sooner and maybe even a little later since every child is different.
    • Signs of Terrible Twos:

      • Mood swings
      • Throwing tantrums at the smallest issues
      • Refusal to adapt to changes
      • Using the word ‘no’ often
    • Coping With The Terrible Twos:

      • Keep your calm:

        Sometimes, with all the temper tantrums being thrown, it’s difficult to keep sight of the fact that a child is but a child, and not in control of all his emotions. Patience is the key. No matter how bad your toddler’s behaviour during the terrible twos, it’s important to set an example and not use him as an outlet. Toddlers learn what they see and not always what you tell them.
      • Avoid the word ‘no’:

        You’ll definitely hear a lot of the word ‘no’ from your 2-year-old. A critical piece of advice for parents tacking the terrible twos is not to repeat the same action. Children learn from how you react to their demands and mood swings.
      • Help your toddler voice opinions:

        A symptom of the terrible twos is lashing out physically, instead of voicing feelings. At this time, parents should help tots to identify their emotions and put words to them. Tell them that hitting and screaming is not okay. ‘Use your words’ is what you should keep repeating to your child.
    Parenting terrible twos can be quite a challenge. However, do remember that the terrible twos are much more terrible for your toddler! He’s going through overwhelming emotions, which he doesn’t know how to express or what to do with. Keeping calm and remembering that you’re the one who has to act reasonably will help you and your tot overcome this stage soon enough.

    Has your child experienced the terrible twos yet?

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