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    How to Get and Give GUARANTEED Orgasms! (for BOTH of you) - You Can Thank Us After You Try It
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    20 September 2018

    How to Get and Give GUARANTEED Orgasms! (for BOTH of you) - You Can Thank Us After You Try It

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    Are you or your partner struggling to reach climax? Here are some guaranteed ways you get the MOST of your love-making!


    You might think it is a no-brainer, right? Have sex, get orgasm, cuddle, sleep! However, it isn’t always easy to reach that ultimate level of pleasure, as great as any ‘between-the-sheet’s’ activity may be. In fact, making a woman orgasm requires a bit more education, on-the-job, are we right, ladies?

    Rope your partner into this one because once you finish reading this, you’re in for a ride! (We will try and cut down on the sex-puns and get straight down to business! After this one) First let us all appreciate why orgasms are so awesome!

    What is So Great About the Big 'O'?

    Flushed, rosy cheeks post-nooky are only one of the benefits of having an orgasm. Here is why (amongst the obvious reasons) you need to orgasm more!
    1. You know that warm, fuzzy feeling after sex? Oxytocin, the love hormone gets release in great amounts after climax. This hormone decreases stress levels, enhances bonding with your partner, acts as a painkiller and also reduces those late-night food cravings.
    2. Anyone else feel sleepy after an orgasm say “aye”! Oxytocin comes hand in hand with two other hormones, prolactin and vasopressin, both of which can lull you into a relaxed sleep.
    3. Falling sick often, these days? No over the counter pills work as much as orgasms do and given a choice, if the drug is ‘more sex’ we’re all in! The big “O” can boost your immunity by increasing your white blood cells and antibodies.
    4. Orgasms can also help you live longer. This one is a little complex to understand but here goes: Woman that have more orgasms than others have longer telomeres. What are telomeres? They are little insulating caps on your DNA that control the speed of aging. YEP! Who knew that G-spot was actually the button to the portal of long-lasting youth!
    5. Men, more orgasms mean more protection from prostrate cancer and cardiovascular diseases! Got to protect that heart, right?
    So, if there are only “yay’s”, where’s the problem, you may ask? Well, it is not so easy to achieve the BEST orgasms all the time. In fact, maybe with these tips you will discover that you and your partner could feel even better than you have so far. But first, let’s look at what has been stopping you.

    Why You Probably Aren’t Having an Orgasm

    While 95% of men do orgasm during intimate moments, only between 50 and 70 percent of women do. Even despite the ability to have multiple orgasms, women still aren’t reaching there! Part of the issue for women stems from different types of orgasms. Some prefer penetrative orgasms while other reach an orgasm only through clitoral stimulation. Some, need both to get there.

    Physiological or psychological blocks are also barriers to having an orgasm. As per media and real life, a lot of women fake orgasms too, albeit with good intention. This can cause complications where the man may feel like he has made his partner orgasm. This inhibits potential learning and improvement, leading to sex where only one partner reaches climax, which we know is as unfair as it can get! Thankfully, there is a way out of each one of these issues.

    Great Orgasms Guaranteed - Here’s How

    True, that heading sounds like one of those spam emails you will delete but let’s try not to trash this just yet. Your partner may have all the skills in the book to try and please you but some days are less earth-shattering in the orgasm department. However, with some research and some experience, some well-meaning folk have found tips that will up your sex-game and guarantee success!

    It was found that a higher number of women reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation than vaginal sex. However, it isn’t so simple. Each woman has a rhythm of stimulation she prefers or a combination of different strokes. It turns out that most women prefer a gentle touch instead of firmer or more vigorous motions on their clitoris. Men, unlearn some bits of porn-led education! Ask your woman, as you go along what she prefers in that moment and she will ALWAYS have the right answer!

    Now for the real gold. Men, women that receive more oral sex are more likely to orgasm more. They might not get there during oral sex but it certainly does up the chances of more intense orgasms.

    Both men and women are more likely to orgasm if love-making lasts over 15 minutes. For women, 30 minutes or more is even better! Now we aren’t ditching the thrill of a quickie and thank the heavens for them in our busy schedules but if the goal is to give or receive an intense orgasm then you might want to invest more time. Especially in foreplay.

    Guys, keep your lady happier. Women in happy relationships have more orgasms than one’s that are unhappy or stressed out. Women find it easier to let loose during sex if they are comfortable and happy with their partners. While sex does strengthen a bond in a strained relationship, women might find it harder to reach an orgasm with their brains over thinking. Men, talk it out with your ladies and ease her into the mood with a sensual massage or some kissing.

    For a woman to reach an intense orgasm, men could try one or a combination of the following:

    • Communicate

      Talk more, ask more and do more.

    • Caress

      During sex, show affection in the form of light touches, kisses or anything you know will make your woman feel loved.

    • Try role play

      A lot of women fantasize. Get a hold of your woman’s fantasy and make it happen whether it is dressing up as someone she fancies or acting out her favourite steamy scene.

    Men don’t struggle as much as women to orgasm but some do. Especially one’s that are stressed out or tired. If your man is taking exceptionally long to orgasm, be patient. Touch him more and don’t pressurize him to perform. Relationships are all about having a safe, comfortable space after all. Here are some additional tips to help.

    For a man to get a heightened orgasm try the following:

    • Try out new positions

      This tip works for both but trying out new positions can open the doors for new sensations!

    • Sext him

      There is something so sexy about reading hot messages at a place where sex would be forbidden. You can get ready for some great sex when he gets home.

    • Wear sexy lingerie

      Men are visual creatures. A sexy outfit can really intensify his orgasm.

    • Get vocal

      Praising a man for something they do during sex can really boost his ego. He will want to pleasure you more, leading to greater satisfaction for both of you! So get vocal, ladies.

    Additional tips to heat things up more:

    • Try out the combination of Oral sex, penetrative sex, manual stimulation and deep french kissing. Most time it will be unusual to NOT have the best orgasm with this combination.
    • Take a bath or a shower with your partner.
    • Plan sex sometimes and send each other naughty reminders as a countdown leading up to the planned time.
    Above all, work on your relationship. Both men and women are more likely to have better sex when they are happy. Never underestimate the power of good communication, not just for a happy sex life but a healthy relationship too. Remember, your partner is the one person that sees you at your best and worst and still thinks you are the most attractive person ever!

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