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    How to Ensure That Your Baby's Skin Stays Soft, Right From Day 1!
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    baby skin
    27 July 2018

    How to Ensure That Your Baby's Skin Stays Soft, Right From Day 1!

    3 mins read

    for New Born, Baby, Toddlers, Pre-schoolers
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    Your baby's delicate skin requires love, attention, and plenty of care to make sure that it stays soft and delicate. Here are 4 main things that ensure your baby's skin health!


    The transition from the womb to the world comes with plenty of changes for your baby. Up until now, he’d been cocooned safely in the protective environment that you had provided for him; but those change once he arrives into the world. Among many things, babies are born with very delicate skin that requires lots of care, up until they have adapted to the new environment around them. Proper and gentle care is the key to ensuring that your little munchkin goes through life with beautiful skin; and day 1 is the best time to start!

    4 Things You Can Do to Ensure Your Baby’s Skin Health

    Here are 4 main things that can leave your baby’s skin feeling soft and supple, just the way it should be!
    1. Bathe Him the Right Way

      Lukewarm water and a very mild wash is the key formula to a good bath for your baby. You can choose a product like Cetaphil Baby, which has been recommended by doctors and mothers for its gentle formula, and also provides protection to both, his skin and hair. It’s important to avoid the use of soap as it could be too harsh for your baby’s delicate skin. Also note that he shouldn’t be bathed for too long; five minutes is long enough for your little one. As he grows up, the time can be increased by a few more minutes, if required.

    2. Watch: Moms Are Loving Their Experience With Cetaphil Baby

    3. Keep Him Dry

      After bathing your baby, it’s important to make sure he’s a 100% dry! Pat him dry gently with a soft towel, making sure to catch every fold and crease in his body - trapped moisture can give rise to infections and irritate that delicate skin.
    4. Use a Good Moisturiser

      Moisturisers know no age - whether you’re a full-grown adult or newborn baby, it helps to keep skin soft. If your baby has dry skin naturally, using a moisturiser can help his skin lock in the moisture. Make sure that the product used is mild and suitable for baby skin.
    5. Massage Him Regularly

      There are several natural oils you can use to pamper your little one, and this can be done daily too. Apart from imparting additional moisturisation to the skin, it also makes for a good ol’ mama-and-baby bonding ritual!
    So there you have it - 4 essential, everyday things that will have your little one’s skin glowing, happy, and tender - not to mention, baby-soft!

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