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    10 March 2016

    How Many of These 10 Signs of Intelligence Does Your Child Have?

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    Is your child able to grasp new words in a jiffy while kids his/her age struggle to remember them? Is he/she able to understand and learn ideas and skills effortlessly? These are some traits that make intelligent children stand out in comparison to their peers. As a parent, it is important to spot these qualities in your child and provide him/her with all that is needed to develop his/her potential.


    According to Linda S. Gottfredson, PhD, a professor of education at the University of Delaware in Newar, “Intelligence reflects the general ability to process information, which promotes learning, understanding, reasoning, [and] problem-solving". So, what makes a child gifted and talented?

    While every child is unique, some being more street smart while others are book smart, there are certain cognitive, language and social qualities which all intelligent children possess. Here is a list of 10 such traits in gifted children that parents need to look out for. Check out our “is my child gifted?” checklist to find your answers right away!

    Easy To Spot Qualities Of a Gifted Child

    1. The Ability to Learn Quickly

      All children have an inherent desire to learn and explore. However, intelligent children seem to grasp concepts quicker than others. In short, they are “natural learners” with excellent memory and recall.
    2. The Ability to Do Everything on Their Own

      Intelligent children are able to learn not only quickly but also on their own. They require very little hand holding and often insist on doing things their own way, whether it is learning a new skill or starting an activity. This independence is one of the prime characteristics of gifted and talented children.
    3. The Ability to Read

      Early reading and an extensive vocabulary are some of the characteristics of intelligent children. They often have a tendency to read on their own and sometimes pay prefer it to other activities. This is one of the most subtle but definite gifted kids characteristics.
    4. The Ability to Showcase Creativity

      Their ability to handle things differently and solve complex problems with creativity is what makes intelligent children stand out. Since they often see learning as fun, they can come up with new, creative ways of resolving problems.
    5. The Ability to Do Everything

      Intelligent children are likely to have a boundless source of energy and they would try to multi-task all the time. Most gifted, intelligent children also think and talk too fast. So the next time you get irritated trying to keep pace with your child, remember these signs of a gifted child!
    6. The Ability to Connect to Older Kids

      Since their skills and interests are advanced, intelligent kids get along well with older kids and even adults.
    7. The Ability to Feel

      Intelligent children are often more emotional than kids in the same age group. They are able to comprehend the situation and feel empathy. Some intelligent children may be extremely introverted and may prefer to work alone in their comfort zone.
    8. The Ability to Work with Perfection

      More often, children who are gifted are also born perfectionists, often setting unrealistic standards of perfection for themselves as well as for others.
    9. The Ability to Lead

      Gifted children display leadership potential early on. Even toddlers display this ability of taking charge and leading others.
    10. The Ability to Enjoy Alone Time

      An intelligent child would love spending time alone, doing solitary activities like daydreaming or reading in some corner of the house.
    If you notice these qualities of a gifted child in your little one, you should try nurturing them. Praising your kid’s efforts and not just his/her inherent intelligence is important. This allows them to not just rely on their inborn intelligence but also challenge themselves to achieve more. Get involved in their learning and make sure that you take steps to enhance them. After all, as a parent, it is your involvement that will propel your child’s success in the future.

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