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    30 November 2015

    How Celeb Moms Claim They Lost Weight

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    Post pregnancy, not being able to shed baby weight is what haunts many mommies. Celebrities too aren’t immune to the kilos but they seem to get fit in no time! How do they do it? No, not all of them resort to crash diets or expensive weight-loss programs! Discover some weight loss secrets of celebrities to find your way back to your pre-baby body!


    Celebrity weight loss after pregnancy is something that has never failed to amaze us. While some of us might be a bit intimidated by how perfect Bollywood mommies look, many of us also take inspiration from a celebrity's weight loss and commit themselves to regaining their own fitness. We are sure you must have at some point in time wondered - how do celebrities lose weight after a baby? Well, we are here to reveal their weight loss secrets to you!

    But before you check out these diet and fitness mantras of , remember one thing - fitness is more important than weight loss. You must give your body time to recover from the high-stress experience of delivery. Start a weight loss plan only when your body is ready. Until then, you may be surprised to know, healthy eating and running around after your bundle of joy are more than enough to keep you in shape!

    Celebrity Secrets To Losing Baby Weight You Must Try

    Kajol’s Quick Turnaround

    Actress Kajol’s weight loss after pregnancy was achieved in just 6 months. She shed a remarkable 18 kg. How did she manage to do it?
    • She followed two basic mantras - eating right and exercising. And with each passing week, the duration and intensity of her regimen increased!
    • Her fitness routine included endurance training, yoga, lifts and squats. Don't let this intimidate you; check out these everyday exercises that we are sure you will be able to follow even if you have never been a workout person
    • Kajol’s weight loss diet included eating high-fibre, low-sugar foods and healthy fats. She especially loves fish, eggs, paneer, nuts, chicken and milk. In particular, here is the postnatal diet we are referring to
    • She also says no to junk food and unhealthy snacking. When she wants a snack, she turns to fresh fruits, veggies and health drinks
    • Finally, here's one secret that is overstated but still all-important - Kajol drinks a lot of water everyday to keep her hydrated as well as encourage weight loss
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    Ash’s Healthy Routine

    Mrs. Bachchan was criticised for her less than toned figure after pregnancy, but the actress successfully managed to flaunt a sexy look, silencing her critics. Aishwarya Rai’s weight loss after her baby was based on a progressive plan. It included:
    • Plenty of boiled vegetables and cutting down on fat
    • Brown rice as it’s high in fibre and helps increase the body’s metabolism
    • Enough water intake along with consuming fresh fruits and juices to stay hydrated
    • A strict ‘no’ to junk food
    • One of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s weight loss tips is to practice yoga in addition to eating healthy. She’s not a believer in gym workouts
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    Sonali’s Balanced Diet and Workout Programme

    The stunning actress is one of the yummiest mummies of Bollywood. She didn’t fuss too much about her weight even after coming under criticism for it. What Sonali Bendre’s weight loss routine did consist of was:
    • Gym workouts 3-4 times a week, which include 3 hours of cardio and 1.5 hours of resistance training
    • A weight loss secret of this celeb also includes healthy eating in moderation and including foods like skimmed milk, salads, green vegetables and fruits
    • To keep her skin glowing, she has a handful of walnuts every day
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    Mandira’s Strict Regimen

    The actress and television presenter became an epitome of fitness when she managed to shed 22 kgs in just 6 months. Mandira Bedi’s weight loss after pregnancy was based on a strict, regimented programme.
    • 5 days a week of gym with circuit training, running and spinning
    • Power yoga, which helps reduce weight quickly
    • A healthy breakfast consisting of scrambled egg whites, milk and fruits. Check out more celebrity breakfast ideas here; they are all packed with health!
    • Mandira Bedi’s weight loss diet also includes dal, roti and sabji for lunch, and a no-carb dinner
    • For snacks, she munches on corn, soya and sprouts
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    How Kajol and other celeb moms lost weight after pregnancy has more to do with following a healthy diet plan and exercise than anything else. There are no quick ways to shed weight. If you too follow these weight loss ‘secrets’ after your baby is born, it’s only a matter of time before you see results.

    Just make sure that you consult your doctor to discuss when and how to start a diet or fitness plan. Also, make sure you don't lose heart if you don't see results quickly. With time and effort, you are sure to bounce back to your pre-baby body. Until then, embrace the present and cherish the joys of motherhood!


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