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    How Bad Breath Can Ruin Your Teen's Social Life
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    bad breath in teens
    16 April 2015

    How Bad Breath Can Ruin Your Teen's Social Life

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    Is your child shying away from interacting with others lately? Do you often find him secluded socially? Bad breath in teens can be one of the causes that is alienating your child.


    Do you often detect bad breath in your teen? Then you must take some quick steps before he becomes self conscious and is unable to interact freely with others. The good news is that bad breath, also known as 'helitosis', can easily be curbed.

    Reasons for Bad Breath in your Teen

    • Poor Oral Hygiene:

      Has your child stopped brushing and flossing twice a day? If yes, tell him to resume the habit immediately even though he might be too tired to do it after the late night studies or partying. Food stuck in the teeth and gums are a primary cause of foul odour in the mouth.
    • Dry Mouth: 

      Asthma or chest congestion can often lead to a dry mouth as your teen may breathe through the mouth in such cases. This can dry up the saliva that keeps on cleansing the mouth and thus cause bad breath.
    • Braces:

      Make sure that your child cleans his braces adequately if he is wearing them. Food stuck in braces can emit a foul odour if not cleaned regularly.
    • Oral Infections:

      Oral problems like cavity, gum infection, and throat infection can also be blamed for bad breath.
    • Use of Tobacco:

      Your teen might be addicted to tobacco or tobacco products without your knowledge. Try to find out about this habit when you see no other possible cause of odour in his mouth.


    How to Control Bad Breath

    Boost your child's confidence if he is suffering from helitosis. You can get him to follow some simple bad breath home remedies apart from visiting the dentist regularly.
    • Maintain Oral Hygiene:

      Brushing and flossing regularly can help your teen get rid of the foul odour from his mouth. He should also clean his gums and tongue for complete oral hygiene. Get special products that are available in the market or consult his orthodentist to suggest for ways that his braces can be cleaned.
    • Keeping the Mouth Moist:

      Give him sugar-free chewing gums and candies to increase the flow of saliva in his mouth.
    • Quitting Tobacco:

      Your child is at a very impressionable age. Persuade him yourself, or get him to visit a specialist to help him quit cigarette or other tobacco products, if he uses any.
    • Consult a Physician:

      Take your child for a complete check-up to find out if any underlying health problem such as sinusitis, diabetes, or digestion disorders are the cause of his bad breath.
    • Resort to Home Remedies:

      Home remedies are often helpful in treating bad breath in teens if they are too shy to visit a dentist or a physician for this problem in the initial stages.  Some of them are:
      • Gargling with warm water and salt can get rid of bacteria in the mouth
      • Using mouthwash regularly
      • Chewing mint
      • Reducing the intake of pungent food ingredients such as garlic and onion
      • Chewing a couple of cloves or cardamom
    Bad breath in teens that is not a result of any chronic diseases can be cured easily. You can also tell your child to take good oral care so that he can prevent it altogether. Help him say hello to fresh breath!

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