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    Home Remedies to Stop Your Baby's Lips From Chapping This Winter
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    home remedies for chapped lips in babies
    17 November 2016

    Home Remedies to Stop Your Baby's Lips From Chapping This Winter

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    Dry skin, chapped lips, dehydration, sweaters... that's right, winter brings with it a whole lot of things that require extra care for your bub. If our own bodies need so much care during the chilly months, our babies need so much more! Here's what you can do to relieve your baby from annoyingly dry, chapped lips, the natural way!


    Your little one has skin that's up to five times drier than yours, especially for the first few weeks. Only once he starts feeding will this skin get moisturized and absorb nutrients. Even later, this fresh, new skin remains fragile and suseptible to dryness for a long time. Winter only aggravates the chances of your baby's skin drying out. One of the most common effects of this is – chapped lips!

    What Other Factors Cause Your Baby's Lips To Dry Out

    While winter is definitely a top cause of chapped lips in infants, there could also be some other causes you should be careful about. Your baby may have a lip-licking habit or a tendency to suck on their own lips - many little ones do. This can bring on splitting and sore lips in babies. As with adults, dehydration and dry weather may also lead to dry and peeling lips. Finally, dry lips in babies can also be caused by not enough food! A newly born baby needs about 12 feeds a day and any less may cause deydration and under-nourishment.

    Whatever the cause may be, treating this issue as soon as possible is important as it can negatively impact feeding and sleeping patterns. Chapped lips tend to make babies uncomfortable and irritable. The good news is that in most cases, you can heal your little one with natural remedies right at home. These remedies will fix the issue in just a few days!

    How To Treat Chapped Lips In Your Baby, Naturally

    We usually treat our own chapped lips with over-the-counter lip balms and fruity glosses. Our babies, however, are still too delicate for these drug-store products. Thankfully for us, nature always provides an effective and easily available solution!
    • Dab some breastmilk

      While your baby's body benefits from the right kind of oil massage, his lips are are dangerous territory to tread. You do not want your baby to ingest what's on his lips. But don't worry, the best and most effective home remedy for chapped lips in babies in abundantly produced every day through you. That's right – breastmilk! Breastmilk is the most natural thing that a mother possesses that is sufficient for her baby's needs – in this case chapped lips! Apply a little breastmilk to your baby's lips, without rubbing it in. It heals and protects the baby against harmful bacteria. The best and most natural thing you can do to treat your newborn’s dry lips is to apply some breast milk with your fingers. You can also substitute this with coconut oil which contains lauric acid, just like breast milk does. ||
    • Use ghee or clarified butter

      Another great remedy suggested by Indian moms is ghee or clarified butter. Applying ghee in and around your baby's navel will relieve his dry lips effectively and quickly too! Although it may seem absurb that a belly button could have any connection to lips, it is actually a pathway for babies and adults to recieve nourishment from since conception and many moms swear by this method!
    • Keep your baby's room warm and humid

      In winters, the dry air can really take a toll on your baby's lips, making any remedy you use fail. To stop this from happening, keep your baby's lips protected at home by using a humidifier. This will ensure that the air cannot dry out your newborn’s lips as the humidifier will keep the indoors warm and humid.

    How To Prevent Further Recurrence of Chapped Lips

    Now that you are well-equipped to beat troublesome chapped lips, your little one can smile and gurgle again! However, winter is not kind and may find a way to trouble your little one again if you aren't cautious. To nip this issue in the bud, you can try and cover your baby's mouth when outdoors to protect him from the harsh wind. Use a light, breathable fabric to do so, so that he remains comfortable. Also, try and hold your baby to your chest to protect his own chest and keep him snug and warm.

    Winter now has nothing on you and your little soldier! Bye, bye chapped lips and hello cuddles - the real way to greet winter!

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