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    Here’s How You Can Make Exams Less Fearful and More Fun for Your Kiddo
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    Exams preparation
    08 March 2019

    Here’s How You Can Make Exams Less Fearful and More Fun for Your Kiddo

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    As exams approach, kids are under pressure to study and understand as much as possible. Here are some ways you, as a parent, can make exam preparation fun and interesting for your child.


    “There’s so much to study and so little time!” is every kid’s thought at this moment. Exams are round the corner and children all across the country are poring through their textbooks, trying to understand as much as possible. Learning need not always be paper-based and boring though. As a parent, why not make studying for exams less fearful and more fun for your kiddo?

    If your kid has his/her own study place, you can try adding fun elements like stickers of his/her favourite cartoons, sports stars, etc in addition to colourful charts explaining tough concepts easily. This will make him/her associate exams with things he likes.

    Parents are their kids’ biggest support, especially during exams. So, when you use positive words like, “You can do it! Give it a try”, it can take away the fear from his/her mind. You can also introduce him/her to videos that present English grammar rules or Science formulae in a less boring and more interactive way.

    Kids often feel anxious that they won’t be able to complete their question paper on time. You can make your kid answer questions faster by playing a fun quiz. Set a stopwatch on your mobile phone and ask him/her important facts from the textbooks. You can give a candy for every correct answer and make him/her repeat the answers he/she didn’t know for a chocolate or two!

    A girl studying

    Music is another interesting and effective way kids can remember whatever they need to know. You can make your kid’s study material fun and interesting with a catchy tune and rhyming words. Horlicks’ latest video in the series of Fearless Songs sees A.R. Rehman and a bunch of students make a tricky concept in English grammar much easier to learn.

    Do remember to give your kid breaks from studying. Encourage him/her to go outside and play with friends, take a walk in the garden or spend some time indulging in a hobby. This will ensure that your kid is better able to grasp difficult concepts.

    Kids need all the energy they can get to be able to prepare well. Your kid’s diet should not only be nutritious but also tasty. A glass of warm milk mixed with Horlicks will improve his/her immunity and concentration, and also make him/her relish every drop of it.

    On the eve of the exam, allow your kid to watch his/her favourite cartoon show for a while. This will divert his/ her attention away from exams, thus taking away fear. When your kid goes to bed on a happy note, he/she be able to have a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed.

    As a parent, there’s a lot you can do to make exam time and preparation fun and interesting. Smart learning methods like music, charts, quizzes; energy-boosting food and fun elements like cartoons will surely make your child less fearful and more confident to face the exam season!

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