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    Handmade Christmas Cards Kids Will Love Making
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    handmade Christmas tree ornaments
    12 December 2015

    Handmade Christmas Cards Kids Will Love Making

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    Thinking of presenting store-bought gifts to friends and family this Christmas yet again? Why not put your little elves to work and whip up DIY Christmas gifts?


    Mommies, have you thought of ways to keep your kids busy during their Christmas break yet? Take your pick from fab ideas to keep them productively engaged in making unique handmade Christmas greetings that you can send out to friends and family.

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Your little ones must be on their best behavior so that Santa can send them their most coveted toys and games! This is the right time to get creative with your kids and feel the Christmas cheer together whilst creating some thoughtful cards for your near and dear ones. Take inspiration from our compilation of fantastic DIY Christmas cards for kids that everyone will love!

    Easy Christmas Card-making Ideas for Kids

    1. Christmas Tree Cards:

      What better subject to draw inspiration from than the Christmas tree itself? You will need a card, some green paint, sponges, sequins, glue and glitter. 

      • Make a tree-shaped template for your children so that they can make as many cards as they like.
      • They can then use sponges or potatoes or even leaves to dab green paint on the cards. 
      • Once dry, they can embellish them with red glitter and gold sequins.

    2. Christmas Tree Cards - DIY handmade cards

    3. Fun-to-stamp Cards:

      This is one of the most child-friendly handmade Christmas cards for kids.

      • Buy or create stamps in fun and festive shapes like reindeer, stars and snowmen to imprint the cards.
      • Multi-colour buttons, perforators and vibrant yarn can then be used to deck up the handmade treasures.
      • You can add sequins around the edges of the cards to make them look more eye-catching.

    4. Fun to stamp Cards - DIY handmade cards
    5. Cotton Wool/Felt Cards:

      The recipients of these handmade works of art will certainly love the soft and silky Christmas cards done by your kids.

      • Use  cotton wool pads or white felt paper to create the outline of the desired shape. You can create shapes like snowmen, Christmas trees or Santa Claus.
      • Use felt-tipped pens of various colors to create the details like nose, eyes and hat.
      • Use PVA glue or white liquid adhesive instead of ordinary glue to stick the wool pads/felt paper to cards 
      • Deck up the card with gold string and silver sequins for snowflakes.

      Cotton Wool/Felt Cards - DIY handmade cards
    6. Cookie Cutter Cards:

      Cookie cutters are a must in Christmas to bake yummy cookies. But you can also use them to create cookie cutter cards!

      • Trace and cut lovely Christmas shapes like stars and hearts on cards using a cookie cutter. 
      • Your kids can then punch holes in them and add gold and silver string to make gorgeous handmade Christmas tree ornaments. 
      • The cards can be touched up further with vintage lace, vivid ribbons, and quilled paper.

      Cookie Cutter Cards - DIY handmade cards
    7. Footprint Mistletoe Christmas Cards:

      Put the tiny feet of your toddlers to use to make adorable homemade Christmas cards by your children.
      • Apply non-toxic green paint on their soles and imprint them on the cards.
      • You can then touch them up with vibrant colours to highlight the little toes and round everything off with red ribbons and bows.

    8. Footprint Mistletoe Christmas Cards - DIY
    9. Family Picture Cards

      Get creative with the traditional family picture cards and spread the holiday cheer

      • Cut out a recent family picture and stick it onto coloured stock paper.
      • You can add fun Christmas elements to the card like cut-out santa hats, snowflakes or gift boxes. This is a great way to show long-distance relatives and friends that you are thinking of them and they also get to see your family.(the old-fashioned albeit sweet way.)

      • Family Picture Cards
    10. Fingerprint Christmas Cards

      Allowing your little one to get messy with fingerprint painting will have excited to create his Christmas card!

      • Dip your little ones fingertips in coloured paint and then ‘print’ them onto a paper
      • Make them can like beautiful Christmas string lights connected by black marker as a wire or even black wool for a 3d effect.

    11. Fingerprint Christmas Cards
    12. Paint Sheet Cards

      You know the shade cards you get before you paint your home? Here’s a cool way to turn them festive!

      • Cut them out in long triangles to make Christmas trees.
      • Stick them onto the card paper and adorn with glittery stickers as ornaments.

    13. Paint Sheet Cards

    14. Button Cards

      Buttons are super versatile in craft and can be used in various ways creatively.

      • Use buttons to make cute dangly ornaments on your Christmas card.
      • You can also use large white buttons to create a snowman.
      • Let your child get creative with buttons, you never know what ideas may come out of their fresh minds!

    15. Button Cards
    16. Washi Tape Card

      Coloured tape is so easy to use and instantly makes cards look professionally done!

      • You can get your child to cut strips of green tape to make a Christmas tree or even use the tape to add a border to a simple card.
      • Use festive colours like green, red, gold or silver to make your card Christmas’y.

    17. Washi Tape Card

    These super simple DIY Christmas cards for children can be done by toddlers and preschoolers alike. If you have older children, involve them by having them take care of the finer details. Handmade items always hold more value than store-bought creations especially when they’re made by kids. This Christmas, let your children show their love to friends and family.

    What Xmas cards are you making this year?

    Images Source: Pinterest

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