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    Handling Teenage Rebellion
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    rebellious teen
    16 January 2015

    Handling Teenage Rebellion

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    Common Issues
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    In wake of their transformation from childhood to adolescence, teens sound rebellious. They start perceiving themselves as grown-ups and ask for more freedom of choice and decision. Parents need to understand the delicacy of this phase and work out a model, so that the defiant-sounding teen does not develop into a bothersome rebel later on!


    If you have got a teen in your family and are lately noticing rebellion tendencies in him, you are not alone. Blame it on the hormonal transformation that both boys and girls go through, or pinpoint his increasing social interactivity, you have to accept the reality that your teen is in a makeover phase and that this shift may last anywhere from two to six years.

    From seeking more independence to taking self-decisions to frequent mood swings, you can spot numerous ‘symptoms’ to label your teen ‘a rebel’, and that could well be a concern for any responsible parent. In the experts’ opinion, this change is mostly normal and has periodic occurrences in a majority of teens.
    But then, is this the time to imagine that everything is alright? No! In fact, this is the time to take a closer note of his demeanor and the frequency of his insurgence. Experts hint various factors underlying the rebellion and warn parents to check for them early.

    Signs of a Teen Turning into a Rebel

    • Aggression and anger being frequently expressed.
    • Ignoring communication with parents or other members.
    • No expectation from anything.
    • Sore relations with guardians.

    Aspects You Need to Consider

    When a teen is at this crucial juncture in his life, parents have to take a deeper look at his rebellious disposition and understand the reasons, if any, behind the rebellion.
    • A child with working parents is often likely to miss his parents’ attention. While it is true that his parents work to provide the family a good standard of living, they must understand that their busy schedule is upsetting for their teen, and therefore, the child is behaving unreasonably, just to gain the attention he desires.
    • By the time they reach adolescence, children begin to perceive themselves as ‘somebody’ and develop the urge to create their own identity. This is a sort of naturally generated social pressure. To combat it, they are willing to break rules and go beyond, hunting for their independence.
    • Psychological alterations are natural with hormonal changes and your teen’s altered emotional response to you might just be one of these.

    Handy Tips to Deal with the Rebellion!

    As a parent, you not only need to read the rebellion signals in your child’s conduct, you also need to aptly deal with it. Here are some handy tips to do so:
    • It is the right time to realize that your kid now needs more privacy than ever. His ill behavior or bad mood need not necessarily be responded to always. Rather, leave him alone and see which friend he relies on to discuss his affairs.
    • Hand your child the ‘gift of your friendship’ on his twelfth birthday! You treating him as your friend will subtly make him feel like an adult. This means, more casual chats/ discussions, mutual participation in activities, and of course, respect for his views and opinions.
    • Involve him in important family matters so as to tap the responsible individual in him. Discuss house rules in his presence and adequately honor his inputs.
    When your child enters his teens, it is time you overhaul your old parent-kid relationship. The earlier you realize this, the quicker you can tone down his rebellious mind-set.

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