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    Gorgeous Mom Aishwarya Rai Reveals 4 Personal Tricks for Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss
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     aishwarya rai weight loss
    15 July 2017

    Gorgeous Mom Aishwarya Rai Reveals 4 Personal Tricks for Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

    7 mins read
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    Post pregnancy weight loss is every mother's struggle, even for a mommy who is former Miss World and arguably one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Yes, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's weight loss journey, since her little girl Aaradhya's birth in 2011 to now, is quite commendable. Here's how she did it!


    The post-pregnancy weight loss blues spare no one, not even our celebrity moms! Former Miss World and perhaps the world's most gorgeous woman Aishwarya Rai Bachchan came under media's great scrutiny for her excess weight post childbirth. On one hand, it is highly unfair to judge a mother basis how looks post-pregnancy, especially as every woman's body is different and so are her choices. But on the other hand, it's unfortunate that mothers – especially celebrities – can rarely escape this criticism.

    Aishwarya gave birth to baby girl Aaradhya in 2011, after which she took a break from movies and the world of media. She wanted to solely focus on her little one and enjoy motherhood to the fullest. She did not stop making public appearances though, and that's when the paparazzi was quick to comment on the extra kilos she had put on. However, she refused to give in to the pressure and focused on her new role, living life on her own terms.

    Aish’s approach to post-baby weight loss is enviable. She did not let the pressure get to her, and took her own sweet time to get back in shape. However, when she did decide to drop the kilos, she did in a manner that could inspire every woman! Today, she is travelling the world with her little bundle of joy in total élan and style!

    Fairly simple steps and tricks made this feat possible. Here's how! 

    Aishwarya's Mommy Mantras For Weight Loss

    How Aishwarya Rai Bachchan lost weight after pregnancy is no more a secret. In her interviews, the actress reveals all the things she does to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And the best part is that these are super simple to follow by any other mother too. Yeah, fairly simple steps and tricks – possible to do at home – made this feat possible. Here are Aish’s 4 mommy mantras for weight loss that can benefit every mother!
    1. Watch What You Eat

      Being an actor, Aishwarya always knew the concept of 'what you eat is what you are'. Therefore, when it came to losing all those kilos, the first step was to take charge and make changes in her diet to keep it well balanced, fulfilling and healthy. The best part is that she sticks to her diet even today!

      Aish’s Breakfast to Dinner Menu

      • Her day starts off with a glass of lukewarm lemon water that benefits the metabolism.
      • Her breakfast is hearty and ensures that this the meal that is packed with energy. It usually comprises a brown bread toast and a bowl of cooked oats.
      • Lunch normally consists of boiled vegetables, a bowl of dal and chapatis.
      • She keeps her dinner comparatively light and it mostly consists of a cup of brown rice and grilled fish.
      • The regular 'dal chawal and veggies' is her comfort food, but this diva mommy keeps her calorie count in check. She prefers home cooked food over eating out.

      Aishwarya Rai's Weight Loss Diet Tips

      • Aish also includes a lot of green leafy vegetables in her diet and consumes dairy in the right amount. These contribute in her daily protein and vitamin requirements.
      • She also includes a lot of seasonal fruits, nuts and veggies to whip up delicious snacking options. When trying to lose weight, watching your snacks is as important as watching your main course. What we eat between meals plays a huge role in making us either put on/lose weight!
      • The trick to gain maximum benefit from a set diet is to keep the portions in control and have several small meals throughout the day (instead of stuffing oneself during any of the meals that happen at long intervals).

      Tip: A very important transition was shifting from white rice to brown rice as the latter is more nutritious and also controls appetite. Besides brown rice boosts the body's natural metabolism and aids in burning fat. She also includes a lot of green leafy vegetables and consumes dairy in the right amount.
    2. Drink to Lose Weight

      Before you get this part wrong, we are only talking about water! Hydrating yourself is a crucial part of any weight loss programme. Aishwarya ensures she has at least 8 glasses of water in a day to keep herself hydrated and her metabolism active. Her day also begins with a glass of lukewarm lemon water with a teaspoon of honey in it!

      Note: Hydration is also the secret of her glowing beautiful skin, and who wouldn't want that!

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    3. Get Physical

      Again, do not go by the literal meaning, we are talking about 'physical activity'! Prior to her pregnancy too, the Dhoom 3 diva was always fit and in her best shape possible. She paid keen attention to her fitness regime. She swears by the benefits of yoga for weight loss, and even after her delivery she practiced the form regularly. Not only does it aid in weight loss but also helps achieve holistic wellness.

      Aish’s Yoga and Exercise Tips

      • After Aaradhya's birth, Aishwarya practised about 45 minutes of yoga daily. Her routine typically involved a session of power yoga which helps in post natal weight loss.
      • Apart from this, she included cardio and functional training in her fitness regime as well. She chose to include gym visits at least twice a week.
      • Besides, she also ensured a good brisk morning walk/jog was part of her daily routine. Walking is one of the simplest cardio exercises and inculcating this in your daily routine can help in the long run.

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    5. Stay Positive - You're a Mom!

      This one is the most important! The very first thing Aishwarya said about her post-baby weight (to a leading magazine in an interview) was the fact that she was completely unfazed by the weight she had put on during her pregnancy! She did not take any drastic steps to fit into people's idea of a 'celebrity mom'. The idea of body positivity is something she always promoted, and she even made several appearances on international platforms in her mommy avatar! 

    6. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has always encouraged moms to feel comfortable in their own skin no matter what. And we too feel that as a mom, you have birthed a life and that is something amazing! In fact even today, Aish prefers spending time with her family and takes Aaradhya along wherever possible. She believes her family is her strength and we couldn't agree more!

    You make miracles, moms, and weight loss is just another battle to be won! It will take time and patience – but then, there is no rush. What matters most is that you focus on overall health and fitness instead of just on shedding the kilos.

    We are going to follow these tips and get ready to amaze ourselves with what our body is capable of achieving! If you take them up too, we would to love to hear about your experiences!

    Also, do you have more such weight loss tips to share? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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