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    10 September 2015

    Get those Killer Abs The Vegetarian Way

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    It’s true that a non-vegetarian diet has all the proteins required to boost your body during a vigorous workout. But, the right kind of vegetarian food can do that just as well. Try this vegetarian diet for 6-pack abs and live to tell your own story.


    Getting six-pack abs is no longer easier said than done. Anyone can realise their dream of having a body to die for even if you’re not into a meaty diet. Go the vegetarian way with foods to fuel your six-pack.

    A Simple Vegetarian Diet Plan for Six-pack Abs

    Contrary to what many believe, you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money on a nutritious diet. You just need to know the right kinds of food and mix them up for a tasty variety. These items are a few essentials that your body will love!
    1. Oatmeal

      Oatmeal is a great way to start your day when you want a toned physique. The high fibre content makes digestion easy. Stick with plain oatmeal, though, as flavoured oats contain more sugar and calories that can do more harm.
    2. Spinach

      Popeye got those forearms bursting out of his sleeves with spinach alone! This green is a fibre and protein powerhouse. Both fibre and protein make up an essential part of a vegetarian diet for 6-pack abs and spinach fits the bill.
    3. Sweet potatoes

      Sweet potatoes have their own place in a fat-burning diet. They supply a good dose of carbohydrates that are required for energy. Unlike potatoes, they don’t cause your insulin levels to rise and your fat storage to increase.
    4. Cauliflower

      Cauliflower contains sufficient amounts of protein, carbohydrates and dietary fibres, enough to fuel your body when you’re working towards those six-packs. It fits well into an Indian vegetarian diet for six-pack abs.
    6. Broccoli

      Broccoli is another powerhouse of green energy. Rich in fibre and extremely low in calories, it does a good job in energising and building muscle. Added to its advantage is a good amount of vitamin C that helps you recover from intense workout sessions. A piece of advice, however: try not to eat it with any condiment as it’s best had on its own.
    7. Protein shakes

      A must in the list of vegetarian foods for 6-pack abs, protein shakes are like a magic ingredient for a toned body. You can make your own shake by adding a mix of fruits, vegetables and pulses, or you could try whey protein. It’s the most popular protein supplement available. It’s extremely beneficial when you’re running a race towards getting six-packs as it helps to repair and recover muscle tissues as fast as it builds them up.
    8. Mushrooms

      High in essential nutrients and low in calories, delicious mushrooms are a choice food to include in your six-pack saga. They stay expanded in your stomach giving you that feeling of fullness so you can go for a couple of hours without feeling hungry. Add them to your lunch or dinner with equal measure. You can also have them for breakfast.
    Never underestimate the power of vegetables when it comes to building-up your body. You can live on vegetables alone and eat your way to great abs. It’s all about picking the right foods!



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