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    Fenugreek Seeds: Weight Loss and Other Health Benefits
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    benefits of fenugreek seeds
    12 June 2018

    Fenugreek Seeds: Weight Loss and Other Health Benefits

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    Weight loss is a constant battle that we all struggle with. If you are working out in a gym or taking artificial medicines for weight loss with no positive results, you need to switch to natural remedies for weight loss. Fenugreek is an excellent choice if you want to lose weight. Fenugreek seeds help in weight loss and they have some other benefits too. Find out how to consume of fenugreek seeds can promote weight loss.


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    How Fenugreek Seeds Help in Weight Loss
    How to Use Fenugreek Seeds for Weight Loss
    10 Health Benefits of Fenugreek

    Whenever we think of losing weight, our brains are wired in such a way, that we immediately associate weight loss with exercise and a crash diet. But not always you have to follow a tedious exercise regimen or give up on your favourite foods to bid adieu to the excess weight that you have accumulated in years. Weight loss journey is sure a challenging task but not an impossible one. And if you switch to naturally obtained products to meet your weight loss goals, you will get quick results.

    One such natural magical ingredient for weight loss is ‘Fenugreek’. In Hindi, fenugreek is known by the name ‘methi’ and though it tastes bitter, the results of consuming it are super-sweet! Fenugreek seeds for weight loss are often recommended when one wants to lose weight in a matter of months but not with a crazy diet. In Indian households, fenugreek seeds are popular by the name of ‘methi dana’ and are even used to add flavour to various dishes. But why do people suggest ‘methi’ for weight loss?
    Fenugreek seeds contain Galactomannan, a water-soluble heteropolysaccharide, which helps in reducing weight. It is known to curb appetite and make one feel full for long.

    How Fenugreek Seeds Help in Weight Loss

    Here is how the consumption of fenugreek stimulates weight loss:
    • Fenugreek seeds have low carbohydrate content which makes them a good option for weight loss.
    • Fenugreek is high in fibre which provides relief from constipation. It contains around 75 percent of water-soluble fibres which increase the metabolic rate of the body and stimulate the burning of the fat.
    • Consuming fenugreek seeds suppresses the feeling of hunger and makes one feel full for long.
    • Fenugreek seeds contain galactomannan which lowers the absorption of blood sugar in the blood, which ultimately helps in weight loss.
    • Consuming fenugreek keeps calorie count in check. It increases the metabolic rate of the body which breaks down calories. Thus, it leads to weight loss.

    How to Use Fenugreek Seeds for Weight Loss

    Try these recipes with fenugreek seeds for weight loss:
    1. Fenugreek Tea for Weight Loss

      Fenugreek tea for weight loss is usually suggested as has shown positive results. It also aids digestion and controls blood pressure. Diabetic people can also drink fenugreek tea.

      How to Make it:

      • Grind fenugreek seeds in a grinder with a little amount of water to make a paste.
      • Take water in a pan and boil it. Add this paste to the boiling water.
      • Add other herbs like ginger or cinnamon to enhance its taste.
      • Cover the pan with its lid and let it simmer for 5 minutes.
      • Your fenugreek tea is ready, sip it every day on an empty stomach.
    2. Fenugreek and Honey:

      Honey is a powerful ingredient that helps in weight loss and when combined with fenugreek its results are unbelievable. For a slimmer waste try fenugreek and honey drink.

      How to Make it:

      • Grind fenugreek seeds in a grinder to get crushed seeds.
      • Now, boil water in a pan and add these crushed seeds to it. Let it boil for some time.
      • Then let this mixture rest for around 3 hours in the pan.
      • Later filter the water in a cup and add honey and lemon juice to it.
      • Drink this ‘fenugreek and honey’ tea for weight loss on an empty stomach every day.

        Fenugreek drink
    3. Fenugreek Seeds Powder

      Here is yet another simple recipe to make with roasted fenugreek seeds for weight loss.

      How to Make it:

      • Roast fenugreek seeds in a pan.
      • In a grinder, grind the seeds to make a fine powder.
      • Mix this powder in hot water or rather warm water and drink.
      • For best results, drink this on an empty stomach every morning.
    4. Water Soaked Fenugreek

      Drinking fenugreek soaked water certainly helps effective weight loss curbing the feeling of hunger and making you feel full for long, but do you know that these seeds can be consumed too for weight loss?

      How to Make it:

      • Soak a cup of fenugreek seeds in water and leave it overnight.
      • The next morning, strain the water.
      • Chew the wet seeds on an empty stomach.
    5. Sprouted Fenugreek Seeds

      Eating sprouted fenugreek seeds every morning on an empty stomach too can help in weight reduction. Here is how you go about it.

      How to Make it:

      • Take a clean muslin cloth and dampen it. If you don’t have a muslin cloth you can use cheesecloth too.
      • Place fenugreek seeds in the cloth and scoop them so they form a bundle.
      • Tie the cloth and squeeze out the excess water from it.
      • Leave it for 2-3 days.
      • By now the sprouts would have grown and will be good for consumption.

    10 Health Benefits of Fenugreek

    Fenugreek seeds are rich in protein, fibre, iron, copper, and Vitamins A, B6, K, and C. It also has high-fibre quality, which boosts weight loss. However, the benefits of fenugreek seeds are not confined to weight loss alone. Skim through the health benefits of fenugreek seeds and you will be surprised to know how powerful these tiny seeds are. So, stop wrinkling your nose and see how well it works in improving your health.
    1. Lowers Blood Cholesterol:

      Consuming fenugreek helps in reducing the cholesterol levels, particularly low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and triglycerids and increases the HDH levels. Methi is also a rich source of a component called steroidal saponins, which prevent the absorption of triglycerids and cholesterol.
    2. Promotes Digestion:

      Fenugreek is full of antioxidants and is a rich source of high-quality fibre, which helps in flushing out harmful toxins from the body and enables smoother bowel movements. Thus, it improves digestion. Consuming methi when suffering from constipation can be very helpful. So, always keep a handful of methi seeds in your kitchen. To treat constipation, drink a cup of warm water with methi powder in it.
    3. Lowers the Risk of Heart Diseases:

      Fenugreek also keeps your heart healthy. The presence of Galactomannan (a soluble fibre) prevents the risk of heart attacks. Fenugreek seeds are also rich in potassium which control sodium levels in your body, keeping your heart rate in check. Fenugreek also reduces the bad cholesterol levels in the blood, thereby lowering the heart problems.
    4. Controls Blood Sugar Levels:

      Fenugreek seeds contain amino acids that improve secretion of insulin in the pancreas, which lowers blood sugar levels. As per studies, consumption of methi seeds improve the symptoms of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes to an extent. Diabetic people should include methi dana in their diet, as galactomannan lowers the absorption of sugar into the blood. Hence, consuming methi for diabetes is particularly recommended.
    5. Provides Relief from Menstrual Problems:

      Fenugreek contains two compounds, diosgenin and isoflavones, which have similar properties to that of oestrogen. These provide relief from PMS symptoms like menstrual cramps. These two compounds also abate the symptoms of menopause, like mood fluctuations and hot flashes.

      A woman drinking fenugreek tea

    6. Treats Skin Problems:

      Methi contains Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. It also contains anti-inflammatory compounds that treat various skin problems like eczema and burns. Fenugreek seeds also help in reducing those ugly scars on the face. All you have to do is make a paste of methi seeds and apply it on your face. You can also use fenugreek in face packs to prevent pimples and blackheads.
    7. Tackles Heartburn:

      If you have heartburn or acid reflux, methi can help you treat it. Add one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds to your food to combat heartburn. 
    8. Fights Hair Problems:

      Fenugreek also wards off hair problems. Make fenugreek a part of your diet or apply fenugreek seed paste on your hair directly for lush black hair. Fenugreek also keeps dandruff problems in check. For hair fall problems, massage your scalp with fenugreek seeds soaked in coconut oil for a night.
    9. Boosts Breastmilk Production:

      The compound diosgenin found in fenugreek boosts milk production in lactating mothers. Galactogogues is known to increase breastmilk supply in women. And fenugreek acts as galactogogues and thus fosters breastmilk supply. It also improves the quality of breastmilk.
    10. Helps in Childbirth:

      Consuming fenugreek during pregnancy stimulates uterine contractions and induces childbirth. It is even known to reduce labour pain.

    As you now know that fenugreek not only triggers weight loss but is good for overall health too. Moreover, weight loss is an eternal journey. Consuming fenugreek seeds speeds up the process but you should follow a healthy diet too.
    And if you have tried any of these above mentioned fenugreek recipes for weight loss, share with us in the comments.

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