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    Factors to keep in Mind while Bathing an Infant
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    safe bathing temperature for the baby
    17 February 2015

    Factors to keep in Mind while Bathing an Infant

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    for New Born
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    Burns, bruises and scalds during bath can be avoided by bathing the baby with water that is not very hot. Parents should ensure safety of the baby by adjusting the temperature suitably to a warm, comfortable level.


    Babies have very delicate and soft skin which can get burnt or scalded in less than a millisecond due to hot water. Thus, the temperature of the water should always be checked before putting the baby into the water for his bath. Water temperatures around 37’C to 38’C are appropriate for babies. If the baby is bathed in water colder than this, it might suddenly bring down the baby’s temperature and make him cold. Hence it is very important to maintain the temperature of the water at an optimum level.

    Reasons for Scalds

    Scalds do not take a very long time to occur and most of the times they happen because of reasons that could have been avoided:
    • Bathing the child in dangerously hot water.
    • The baby dips his hand into hot water by mistake.
    • Improper mixing of water with prominent hot and cold areas.
    • Baby turning on the hot water tap by himself.

    Preventive Measures while Bathing Baby

    Paying attention to the following factors ensures that your baby’s bath is safe, comfortable and relaxed:
    • It should be ensured that the bath water for the baby is comfortably warm before putting him into the bath tub.
    • A touch-test should be done with your finger or the side of wrist to check the temperature of the water.
    • While preparing the water put the cold water in first, and then the hot water to reduce the risk of scalding.
    • The baby should not be put into the bath tub while the water is running as the temperature can change very quickly.
    • Teach the child not to play with the water taps, as he can switch on the hot water tap by himself and cause an accident.
    • Anti-scald devices should be installed in the washrooms of all homes having an infant or a toddler.
    • Child-resistant taps and tap guards should be installed wherever possible.
    Hot water systems with specific temperature help prevent scalding. Also under no circumstance should the baby be left alone while bathing. A little bit of caution and lots of attention would help your baby have a rejuvenated, safe and relaxed bath.

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