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    Encouraging Children to Read
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    15 January 2015

    Encouraging Children to Read

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    Reading can be an immensely fun exercise and a great way to learn a lot new things. Imbibing the habit of reading from toddler-hood may have been the best option, but it is never too late to pick up books and start reading – they come for all ages.


    Inculcating the habit of reading in your teenager is critical for their development. But, now a days, children are more engaged to television and video games rather than reading books.

    Here are Some Fun Ways to Introduce your Teenager to the Magical World of Books

    • Gifting a library membership

      A library membership may be an ideal gift for your non-reader 12-year old. Go with him the first few times and show him where the books of his interest could be found. Once the interest is generated, he is hooked for life – in a literary sense that is. Ensure he attends book reading sessions that are regularly scheduled at most libraries or bookstores. This will also give him the opportunity to see the enthusiasm and excitement generated in peers, and that will be the final seal of approval.
    • Book rack in the room

      Have a book rack in his room. It is an established fact that children who have book shelves in their rooms are more drawn to reading than those who do not. Bring in some of his favourite topic books, and also some of your favourites. This can be a dynamic shelf, and he will eventually have control over what goes into it and what doesn’t. Your job is to only get him to start looking at it.
    • TV/computer time equals reading time in the family room

      This can be a fun activity where you match TV time with reading time. So, if your teens have spent an hour at the computer in a day, reading time will equal that. In case of especially rebellious children, this may not be a very successful effort but worth a try.
    • Let him see you reading and enjoying it

      Don’t shift your own reading for bedtime. Let him see how happy reading makes and the smile it brings to your face. It will also showcase how reading can calm you down considerably. Once he begins to see this, he will be prompted to pick up a book, eventually.
    • Begin with books on topics of interest to him

      Remember – the quest is to get him to develop interest for reading, and not to make him read what you are interested in. So pick out books themed on his areas of interest. With access to internet and online bookstores, you can get your hands on almost any book that has even been printed.
    • Make book reading a topic of dinner table conversation

      You can begin by talking about the phase of the book you are at and why it is exciting you. It may also be worthwhile to elaborate on how a certain book helped you find a solution to a real-life problem.
    • Buy them books relevant for their assignments

      A great way to kick-start the habit could also be to begin with books that are relevant from an assignment point of view. Once the book bug bites him, your goal would be achieved.
    Be sure to devise methods and strategies keeping his interest levels in mind.

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