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    Emergency Checklist for Travelling with your Newborn
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    baby’s prescription medicines
    09 October 2014

    Emergency Checklist for Travelling with your Newborn

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    Keeping an emergency information checklist is important to deal with any unexpected circumstances when travelling with your newborn. Make sure the list has all the information about you and your baby, which can prove helpful in case of an emergency.


    When you have made plans to travel with your newborn, you need to take extra precaution. In case your little one falls ill or is injured while travelling, an emergency info checklist comes to your rescue. This checklist should have the details about your baby’s health, persons to contact in case of an emergency, paediatrician's number etc. Keep a copy of the list with yourself and give another one to your partner, or your travel companion, so that they can be a help in times when your baby needs attention.

    Emergency checklist: Points to note

    • Carrying your baby’s prescription medicines is important in case you do not find them in the city you are travelling to.
    • Keep a first-aid kit while travelling with your newborn to solve any minor medical problems such as cuts and bruises
    • The checklist should carry your baby’s name, his permanent address inclusive of the city’s zip code. Make sure you do fill up the landline number of your house as well.
    • Next you should include your baby’s doctor’s name and his contact number. This is important because he is aware of your baby’s medical history and present medical conditions.
    • If you consult a second doctor, add his name and contact number in the emergency checklist. There may be chances that the regular doctor is not available and in that situation a second doctor can be consulted.


    • In case you do not have your baby’s medical insurance done, make sure you get it done before you plan to travel. Do mention your baby’s health insurance details in the emergency list as well. Mention the insurance company’s name, the policy number and contact details as well.
    • Having emergency contacts is also very important. Do mention the names of people along with their contact numbers who can be contacted in case of any emergency. These people can be your friends, relatives or doctor that you trust or are close to you.
    • Adding the information related to your baby’s medical history and his present medical conditions can help a new doctor to give proper and effective treatment in a foreign country. Do mention the allergies and immunisations that he has gone through during his initial weeks after birth. This helps the doctor take extra care of your baby.
    Prepare an emergency information checklist in advance for when you are travelling with your newborn or if leaving him in the care of a babysitter.

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    Pranita Sohony
    No matter where you go, you need to carry your diaper bag with you. First and foremost is to have a well-prepared diaper bag with you. Check this out to be all set to handle emergencies:



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