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    Dreamt about Cheating on Your Partner? Here's What It Means!
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    dream analysis
    12 October 2018

    Dreamt about Cheating on Your Partner? Here's What It Means!

    6 mins read

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    It's common to have sex dreams when you're single. But it's not just single women who fall prey to such dreams; happily married women and mothers too end up dreaming about the same. Did you ever dream about cheating on your husband and then woke up with a fright, feeling weird obviously, but thinking all about your relationship, about the existence of love in it, or merely about telling him about what you did, rather saw?


    If you did, worry not. You're not the only happily married woman who has had this dream. Many women dream about cheating on their partners, whereas in reality, they’ve never cheated and they don't intend to, consciously! Dreams like these can really shock us. They trick us into believing something that seems untrue in reality!

    But there's always a reason behind our dreams. There is some underlying reason that triggers dreams in the first place. Some say that we dream because there is some sort of freedom our minds seek, subconsciously, while in reality we are tied to something that is not granting us that freedom. So if dreams reveal subconscious desires, dreams like these put your relationship in an awkward place, don't they? Here's what your dreams mean!

    Dreams About Cheating - Types

    Dream-cheating on your partner

    Cheating is a two-way street. You might have had a dream about you cheating on your partner, or your partner cheating on you, with someone you either know or don't know. The list of variations is fairly long! Although cheating is associated mainly with breaking promises/vows, it may not imply that you want to cheat on your partner. Leave emotions aside and look into what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you! Dream interpretation might not be a science based on hard facts and truths, but a dream about cheating can mean different things to different people.
    • Dreams about You Cheating on Your Partner

      Cheating on your partner might come to you as a fright, even if it's just a dream. But these dreams don't always imply that you want to cheat on your partner. They could mean that you are looking at taking back some commitment you made earlier (to your partner or someone else ) or prioritising something else, like your job or your kids over your partner in waking life. If you’ve been thinking of breaking some promise subconsciously, then there are high chances that your mind will bring this up in your dreams in this manner. Dream-cheating can also be the result of an unsatisfactory sex life. Think about what suits your situation best!

    • Dreams about Your Partner Cheating on You

      Whether it’s you dream-cheating on your partner or you being cheated on, both can be equally dreadful and can leave you with twists and knots in your stomach. It can distress you to a level where you might actually believe it to be true. This is what it really means. Your dreams of being cheated on arise mainly out of your insecurities. If you consciously fear your partner abandoning you, or feel that you have been pulled away from your partner over the years, then dreams like these are likely to show up. So before pointing fingers at your partner, take time to interpret your dreams and understand what’s triggering them.

    • Dream Cheating with Someone You Know

      If you’re dream-cheating with someone you know, then this could mean two things. It’s based on how you look at that person. If you’re merely attracted to that person in real life, then there’s nothing to worry about. But if you meet the person often and you feel the presence of some flirtation in these meets, then these dreams are a cause of worry! Your subconscious mind is showing you what it desires. This also applies in case you dream about your partner cheating on you with someone you know!


    • Things You Should Keep in Mind When You Get Such Dreams

      Even though dreams about cheating on your one true love can give you the chills, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.
    1. It Does Not Mean You Want to Cheat

      This is probably what you wanted to read all along. Dreaming about cheating on your partner does not mean that you want to cheat on him! So you need not lie awake at night going overthinking this in your head. Worry only when you're actually cheating, because dreams are more like signals indicating something, just like a dream about snakes can hint at some agony you’re going through in life.

    2. Guilt Might Have Taken over Your Dreams

      How you feel in your dream is how you feel in real life, so pay attention to how you feel once you recall your dreams. If you feel guilty and want to beat yourself up over a dream, then you’re probably guilty about something in real life. This need not involve your partner or necessarily point towards infidelity in your relationship. You could feel guilty about cheating on your diet, or not being able to give your “all” to your children. It is this real life guilt that might have taken over your dreams.

    3. Panic Is Uncalled For

      At first, you can panic all you want, because that’s natural. But don’t keep panicking for nights at a stretch. It was just a dream, and you should treat it like a dream. It might be your brain’s way of unloading the entire day’s information in one go! The bottom line is that your relationship is safe! You need not overthink or worry about what you should tell him and how you should tell him! Just take a deep breath and let go!

    4. If You Find Truth in There, Spill It Out

      If you’re positive about what your dream is implying, then talk to your partner. If you feel that lack of intimacy or some kind of insecurity is the root cause of such dreams, then don’t hold your words. Talk it out and the result might surprise you! Just make sure you are absolutely sure of what you’re saying, or you’ll end up inviting unnecessary trouble.

    So there you have it! All the interpretations of your dreams about cheating and how you should address these. Just keep this in mind - the subconscious mind can be a tricky space. It can trick you into believing a lot of things. You know yourself best and your feelings when conscious. Don’t get carried away and most importantly don’t over think. It was just a dream! Put your worries to rest!

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