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    Doctors’ Fight During Emergency C-section Cost This Woman Her Baby’s Life!
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    emergency c-section
    30 August 2017

    Doctors’ Fight During Emergency C-section Cost This Woman Her Baby’s Life!

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    Delivering a baby is a highly sensitive time, fraught with risks and complications of all kinds. As parents-to-be, we expect doctors - of all people - to understand and respect this. However, what if the doctors are less interested in safely delivering your baby, and more interested in fighting?! This shocking incident happened in Jodhpur's Umaid Women and Children Hospital – one of the biggest hospitals in the city. Within a day of being admitted and taken for a C-section delivery, the woman lost her baby forever. And why it happened will have your blood boiling in rage.


    This is what exactly happened.

    The mom-to-be, Anita, was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday. She was recommended an emergency C-section because the foetus had a very feeble heart rate. Anita was taken to the OT. Inside the OT, the mother-to-be lay on the operation table, sedated for the surgery. However, just before the surgery, an argument broke out between Ashok Nainwal (gynaecologist) and ML Tak (anaesthetist).

    The trigger of the argument was whether or not the pregnant woman had eaten before the surgery. While ML Tak said he had asked a junior doctor to carry out tests, Dr. Nainwal objected to this.

    The Ugly Fight Inside the OT

    In a matter of minutes, the OT became full of loud voices, name-calling, threats and ringing phones, even as the nurse and staff tried in vain to calm down the situation. They tried in vain to remind the doctors that a surgery was in progress and a baby’s delivery was at stake. Meanwhile, the baby’s pulse rate kept dipping.

    “Tu beech me kyun bol raha hai?” (Why are you interfering?)
    "You stay within your aukat (limits)!"
    "You will pay for this."

    The baby died within a few hours after finally being delivered.

    A staff member of the hospital secretly recorded the incidents that happened inside the OT, and this is how the incident came to light. What transpired inside that delivery room is unthinkable. Not only is it a gross violation of the code of conduct to be followed in an OT, but it also shows a terrifying, disconcerting side of doctors – the very people we rest all our hopes on during pregnancy and delivery.


    Clearly, ego issues and desperation to come up tops in an argument superseded the need to safely bring a baby into the world.

    The Two Doctors Are Blaming Each Other For This Tragedy

    In the wake of this shocking incident, no one is willing to accept their mistake. As per the hospital, the baby died of severe birth asphyxia (breathing problems), and this was apparently not due to any lapse in treatment.

    While speaking to CNN-News 18, Dr. Ashok Naniwal said, "The other doctors who were abusing me and laughing at my expense were not attending to their patient well, who died at the end."

    Dr. ML Tak said, "The other doctor was arguing with me while I was trying to administer anaesthesia on the child. I was trying to save its life. I have raised the issue with the principal."

    Both the doctors have been suspended. A panel is investigating the incident in detail, and the state government has also ordered a probe.

    But no matter what happens now, the baby has passed away. A life has been lost forever, and it is heart-breaking even to imagine what the mother and her family are going through. We hope the government takes this incident very seriously and also takes steps to ensure that something like this is NEVER repeated. While nothing can make up for this grave loss, we fervently pray that no other mother has to face a horrifying situation like this.

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