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    Disciplining your Child
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    15 January 2015

    Disciplining your Child

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    As children grow older, you would notice a certain kind of change in their behaviour. They tend to become more defiant towards your expectations from them. They start disobeying the rules that you have set for them; some do it purposely to annoy you and some do it unintentionally, because of the influence that their school and friends have on them. Let us understand how you can maintain discipline in your child.


    Your child exhibiting undisciplined behaviour may cause you to yell and scream at him. In an attempt to refrain kids from misbehaving, parents usually end up giving them some kind of ultimatum. For example, "If you don’t eat, I will switch off the TV". The ultimatum that you give to your child can vary in the nature of seriousness. However, the funny part is that we don't realize that sometimes the ultimatum, as terrifying you may try to make it sound, does not affect the kids. It can backfire when your kids will give replies like " Ok. You can switch off the T.V."

    It is important to understand that it will not always be possible to control your child. There will be several instances when your child will not listen to you and will lend you a deaf ear. However, it is important for you, to keep your calm and handle the situation smartly. Let us understand the strategies that you can adopt to discipline your child.

    Strategies to Inculcate Discipline in your Child

    • Keep simple rules:

      No kid likes to follow rules. It is best to keep very simple rules in the house, like 'taking off shoes before entering', 'washing hands before eating', 'no shouting', etc. No kid will like 100 rules set before him/her.
    • Talk to your child:

      Conversing is the best trick to make your child listen to you. Be a part of your child's life. Get involved in his activities. If you find out that your child has made a mistake, talk to him/her with a cool mind than screaming and yelling at him.
    • Reward good behaviour:

      The mistake that most parents make is that they always pay attention to their child's bad behaviour and concentrate more on what punishment to give. Moreover, they forget to acknowledge and appreciate their kids’ good behaviour at the right time. It is important that you reward and praise your children when they exhibit good behavior and also when they show some progress.
    • Be more engaging while teaching values:

      Kids, usually, don't like to be lectured on the 'do's' and 'don'ts'. They find it boring and useless. So, the task for you is to teach values to your kids in an entertaining way. Show them kid’s movies, read story books with them, play educational games, etc. These activities serve as learning experiences for them.
    • Be their role model:

      Children are very keen observers. They always keep an eye on your actions and behaviour. They observe the way you act in different situations and treat people. Therefore, it is important for you to keep a control on your attitude towards people and things.
    • Respect them:

      Make them believe that you count their views and thoughts to be important. Never make them feel small and vulnerable.
    • Being responsible for their actions:

      It is important that you teach your children how to identify their wrong behavior, rectify it as soon as possible, and ensure that it is not repeated ever in future.

    Regardless of how old your child is, it is important that you make him understand that 'you mean what you say’. Sometimes, in an attempt to become little lenient with children, we fail to realize that the kids might start taking our words lightly. Therefore, it is imperative for parents to strike a balance between disciplining their children and being lenient with them.

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