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    10 August 2016

    Did You Know That Boys And Girls Need Different Diapers?

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    Babies are active little explorers, and as moms, you want them to be as comfortable as possible. This is why we partnered with Huggies to help you keep your baby dry and happy.
    Picture this – it is a regular day at home. You are sipping coffee in your living room (a slightly messy one, perhaps) and the kids are playing. Your little girl is busy with her four-piece jigsaw while your son is collapsing tower after clumsy tower of blocks. While all children are unique, experts have noted some behavioural patterns that can be predicted in boys and girls. Yes, parenting should never have a restrictive gender-stereotype, but there’s no denying that girls and boys are different. In the way they play, how they behave, the baby talk they engage in…and even the way they use their diapers.


    Wait, does this mean babies actually need diapers designed as per their gender? Surely they are too little to have any significant behavioural or biological changes? Well, it turns out that using the same diaper for both boy and girl babies isn’t actually a good idea. And there is an extremely logical reason behind this.

    Boys produce more urine at the front of the diaper. Girls have a slightly higher concentration toward the middle region. This means the areas that get the wettest are completely different.

    Things to Remember When Diapering Boy and Girl Babies

    That changes a lot of things, right? To keep your infant relaxed and dry, your baby care routine should ideally adapt to the needs of the genders. The following diapering tips will help you out in this:
    • Picking The Right Diaper :

      Select a baby diaper that has been designed to cater to the different absorbency needs of boys and girls. Huggies, for instance, has created diapers that maximise dryness and minimise leakage by adapting to the needs of your baby, depending on their gender. These diapers come with an extra dry layer that is positioned in front for boys and in the center for girls, for protection where they need it the most.

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    • Figuring Out When a Diaper is Soiled :

      If you have a boy child, his diaper is more likely to bulk up in front. However, for girl babies, it is the central area that is likely to get bulky. When you suspect that it’s time for a diaper change, give the said area a gentle squeeze/tug to confirm.
    • Cleaning During Diaper Change :

      Make sure you clean your baby properly after changing the diaper. For a boy baby, you need to first drape a clean diaper over his penis – or get prepared for a surprise spray! You should then clean the scrotum area and point his penis toward the center of the diaper. However, for a girl baby, you need to clean the labia area very well, and make sure the folds of the vagina don’t have any sticky secretions. ||
    • Protecting Against Infection and Rashes :

      In your baby’s diaper days, you also need to be careful during bathing time. Girl babies have a higher probability of developing urinary-tract infections (which soap can aggravate) when on the diaper. Be wary of the warning signals such as incessant crying and urine that smells weird. UTIs are fairly common and treatable but you should seek medical advice at the earliest.
    • Choosing Safe Diaper Material :

      Finally, here’s something both genders need to be careful about – diaper rashes! Both boy and girl babies are prone to developing rashes in their early years. There are a number of reasons behind this such as – allergies to acidic foods, humid weather conditions, or a bacterial/yeast infection. This makes it imperative to use diapers made from baby-friendly material, such as Huggies diaper pants. These use material clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash. Also remember to never let them keep their diaper on for more than a couple of hours at a stretch. If your baby is still in discomfort, immediately check with the doctor.
    Physiological differences are among the earliest things that set boy and girl babies apart. Very soon, you will start observing subtle differences in how they approach you and the world around them. Until they can express their needs more clearly, our duty as parents is immense. This is why we recommend you rethink your diaper choices. After all, your baby’s precious smile is reason enough to invest in a diaper designed especially for his or her needs, right?

    How has your experience with diapering been so far? Do you use separate diapers for your son and daughter? Tell us in the comments section.


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