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    Dealing with Cough and Cold during Pregnancy
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    cough and cold during pregnancy
    25 March 2015

    Dealing with Cough and Cold during Pregnancy

    3 mins read
    Prenatal Health
    for Pregnancy
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    Treating a cough and cold in pregnancy tends to become a little more complicated than usual. You may be used to procuring over-the-counter tablets, but you must be wondering, is it safe? Worries of your flu affecting your baby are only natural. However, a few easy home remedies, and you'll be fighting fit.


    Catching a cough and cold during pregnancy shouldn't come as a surprise, because women experience undermined immunity during this phase. Nonetheless, treating it is important lest the problem escalates. So how do you deal with it? We suggest opting for home remedies, as it is way safer than over-the-counter medication. While modern medicines give you quick relief no doubt, they come with their own share of side effects you can't risk taking. Taking cognizance of the matter immediately, will do you and your unborn baby, a world of good. Read on these home remedies that aren't just effective to fight through cough and cold, but are 100 percent safe too.

    Home Remedies for Cough and Cold in Pregnancy

    1. Rest and Water:

      When you are down with a runny nose and a cough, taking antibiotics will only help a little. Getting lots of rest and keeping yourself hydrated by drinking water is an effective home remedy. Resting and not exerting yourself too much helps in the recovery process and will help you bounce back sooner than you think.
    2. Steam Inhalation:

      Inhaling steam is a great way to combat a runny nose. It soothes the system and gives instant relief. It also prevents you from dosing yourself with medication that will only leave you drowsy and congested. A salt-water nasal spray or a pharmacist-recommended vapour rub will also be an effective and safe choice. Remember, you have to be thinking about two people and not one.
    3. Honey and Lemon:

      Cough treatment during pregnancy includes sticking to the tried and tested honey and lemon mixture. Adding a little hot water to the mix will make the concoction a lot more effective. Gargling with salt water also helps.
    5. Ginger and Warm Water:

      An itchy throat can leave you with a bad cough over the course of a few days. Some crushed ginger added to tea or hot water can soothe your throat. Don’t worry about the burning sensation that you will feel down your throat, it'll go away in no time. Rather, the burning usually means that the concoction is clearing your throat. Gulp it and say goodbye to coughs!
    6. Blow Your Nose:

      Treating a cold during pregnancy is easy. All you need to do is blow your nose often. But when you do so, make sure it’s done properly. It is important to blow your nose. This will prevent the mucus from going back to your head. The best way to blow your nose is to keep a finger on one side of the nose while you clear the other one.
    These home remedies to treat a common cough and cold have been used in households for years. They are safe and in no way harm you or your baby. Give them a try today, and say goodbye to the nasty twin threat of cough and cold.

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