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    Build Your Child's Career Right
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    Child career development
    30 November 2015

    Build Your Child's Career Right

    3 mins read

    for Teen
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    When it comes to choosing a career, children are young and inexperienced. They need the right guidance and support to decide what they want to do in life. Learn how to help your child choose a career path so that he can realise his dreams.


    A parent is the first person children will discuss career plans with, whether it’s dreams of becoming a doctor or an air hostess to being a lawyer or a business person. Moms and dads have key roles to play in supporting and helping achieve their children’s dreams.

    How to Help Your Child’s Career Development

    • Mould them and encourage them:

      Help your children get the best education that you can afford. Academic qualifications matter to employers. You need to help them learn as much as they can about career choices and job market demands. However, don’t push them into getting jobs early on if they’re keen on higher education. Following their dream is very important as they're more eager to learn and excel. You also want to encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities as it’ll help judge where their interest lies and will also aid in developing new skills.
    • Inculcate an appreciation for work:

      It’s a good idea to encourage your children to get part-time jobs. They’ll learn that there’s a whole new world out there and will develop an appreciation for work. There are many career choices available for kids today and encouraging them to get part-time work will show them some of the many paths they can choose.
    • Discuss:

      Have career-related discussions with your children early on to guide them on the right path. Don’t wait till they’re in college. Competition is really high where jobs are concerned and it pays to know what one wants to do early on. In fact, they should already be on the path to their chosen careers by the time they’re in college.
    • Never force your own aspirations on them:

      Career planning for kids is a very crucial matter. It’s something that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Yet, parents sometimes see children as instruments to realise their own unfulfilled dreams. This should never be the case. Rather, children should choose to do what they want to and what they’re good at. With some solid advice from you, of course.
    • Let them be creative:

      bBe enthusiastic and encouraging from the beginning. If your children want to do something off the beaten track, don’t discourage them. Allow them to be different and creative. Discuss the merits and demerits of their career choice and offer your input. However, let the final choice be theirs and be supportive of it.
    • Maintain a balance:

      If your children are partial to a particular field of study, encourage them in that direction. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s okay to ignore other subjects. As a parent, it’s up to you to help them maintain a balance and keep things on track.
    It’s important that you have a positive attitude towards work and career. Parents need to understand how to help their children choose career paths without forcing their own ambitions on them. Be the facilitator in this exciting journey so that they live up to their full potential.

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