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    Baby Week 14 — Growth and Development
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    14 weeks old baby
    07 September 2015

    Baby Week 14 — Growth and Development

    4 mins read
    for Baby
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    14 weeks in, and your baby is nearly halfway through her 4th month! By this time, she is much more than the constantly wailing newborn and is now beginning to learn to have fun! After the first month, your newborn has learned to identify herself as a person separate from her mother. Learn how to help your 14-week old enjoy the world around her while maintaining a safe and happy environment all the time.


    Baby Development

    • Physical Development

      • Your baby knows that she can move parts of her body by herself and she makes a conscious effort to do so.
      • Baby appears to be quite caught up with her feet and may suck on her toes (in addition to the thumbs).
      • Babies' backs are quite straight at this age and hold strong when propped up in a sitting position.
      • Her arms are quite well developed and they tend to reach out for things that catch her interest. They also bat at objects, especially moving ones like mobiles.
      • At 14 weeks, babies rarely lie still when on their backs. They keep kicking wildly into the air and changing a diaper can seem like an impossible feat!
    • Cognitive Development

      • If you pause and observe your baby, you might notice that she can kick her legs to swipe the mobile overhead. This depicts her learning cause and effect: that her physical skill, kicking, would bring about the object’s movement.
      • During her childhood, your baby will explore interactions with people and objects to see what kinds of effects her actions and behaviors cause - and she’ll remember those associations well.
      • Try offering safe items you don’t mind her spoiling, and she’ll reward you by passing many joyful hours, demonstrating amazing new skills.
    • Social and Emotional Development

      • At this age, your baby’s brain is beginning to make connections between actions and effects, like how pushing a button or shaking a rattle makes a sound.
      • Babies in their fourth month can identify their mother apart from others, although they’ll respond when strangers talk. They have special noises reserved for mom!
      • They can now associate people to the functions they perform, for example: when hungry, call Mom! They make appropriate noises and look at the right person when in need of something.


    • Language/Communication

      • Babies this age don’t just smile but laugh out loud and certain repetitive actions can succeed in making them chuckle at all times.
      • They make a variety of noises now, including different kinds of gurgles and coos. They also appear particularly excited at a familiar face, like that of a sibling.
      • Your baby will take some time to stare at a new face and study its features, and this helps her recognize the same face later. She will also associate faces with the feeling she felt on first viewing them, which is why everyone greets a new baby with a wide smile!
      • Babies love playing with others too, and they’ll love a back and forth game like peek-a-boo, especially with parents and siblings.
    • Play

      • Gather different objects behind you and sit with your baby. At a right moment, pop something out like a magician. "Look, shampoo bottle!" Hold the object at some distance from her face and stare at it yourself.
      • Show your baby differently textured sweaters, jeans, skirts etc. Run soft and silky fabrics over her face, hands, and feet. Lay fuzzy stuff down on the floor and put your baby on top of it.
    • Contact your Pediatrician:

      • Your baby still can’t support her head or grasp a toy in her hands, or she doesn’t reach out or bat at a toy.
      • She doesn’t turn in the direction of your voice or a loud noise.
      • Your baby doesn’t take things to her mouth or can’t move both eyes in one direction.
      • She doesn’t move much – kicking, sucking on thumbs, raising hands etc.
    • Vaccination Schedule

      At 14 weeks, your child is due for the following vaccines:
      • DPT – 3rd Dose
      • IPV – 4th Dose
      • HIB – 3rd Dose
      • PCV – 3rd Dose
      • RotaVac – 3rd Dose
    From the way your baby seems to be getting curious, it’s time for a mommy to start thinking about baby proofing! First of all, never leave her alone on a high surface since she might roll over now. Also, don’t leave behind any object near her since she might reach out and immediately put it in her mouth. Your baby is very open to stimulation and having fun at this age, so get her lots of bright-colored toys that have a cause-and-effect pattern. Also, don’t forget to read to her; she’ll love books with different textures. Go ahead and let her explore her fun loving side!

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