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    Baby Skin Changes a Lot From Womb to World. Here’s How to Keep it Soft Forever
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    baby skin
    08 January 2018

    Baby Skin Changes a Lot From Womb to World. Here’s How to Keep it Soft Forever

    9 mins read
    for New Born, Baby, Toddlers
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    About Baby Dove
    When it comes to being a mother, there is no right or wrong way - only your way! This is why we partnered with Baby Dove to bring your baby superior skincare aligned to your instincts as a mother.
    From the moment your baby was laid on your chest, you haven’t been able to stop kissing and caressing him. Most mums instinctively know that their baby’s skin is fragile and will handle it with all the care possible even if they don’t always know exactly how to go about it. We’re here to tell you that whatever way you choose to nourish your baby’s skin, trust yourself. But let’s first equip you with a few facts about baby skin, yes?


    Be it bath time or massage time, a mom is aware that her baby’s skin needs utmost care. In fact, the sense of touch develops very early in infants, which is why caressing and touching your baby is as therapeutic for you as it is for baby!

    But skin to skin contact goes way beyond just an act of love. Before birth, babies are snug and warm in the womb. However, as soon as they are born they no longer have access to that kind of closeness to their mother. It takes babies some time to adapt to being out of the womb, which is why it is a good idea to touch and hold your little one as much as possible. Skin to skin contact also goes a long way in keeping the mother-baby bond strong and aids development. In any case, your little angel will be so irresistible you’ll be cuddling and kissing him as often as you can!

    Another thing that happens once your baby is born is that his skin immediately begins to dry out. Because the moisture in the womb kept your baby’s skin well hydrated, once your baby entered this world, his skin lost moisture and how! Baby skin has a thinner outer layer than adults, making them more prone to irritants in the environment and also causing loss of moisture. And here’s a fact that may surprise you -baby skin loses moisture up to 5 times faster than adult skin! Think of those wintery days where you slather on moisturiser several times a day to avoid your skin drying out, and now imagine how much more your baby would need. Basically, this means that you NEED to moisturise him a LOT!

    Regular moisturisation can act as a barrier to irritants and also maintain the water content in the skin. Research has even confirmed that regular moisturising in the first six months can reduce the chance of eczema by up to 50%!

    The Main Ingredient Essential for Baby Skin Care

    If you are wondering what it is that will keep your baby’s skin healthy and soft; the answer is Vitamin E. Known for hundreds of years as a miracle skin care oil, Vitamin E oil is perfect for delicate baby skin. It contributes to even skin tone and moisturisation. Gentle moisturising lotion oil that contains Vitamin E is best suited to babies, soothing your baby’s skin and preventing uncomfortable rashes that infants are prone to.
    Look out for it when choosing the right baby oil to massage your baby with. Remember to always check for allergies and skin irritation while choosing the right products. A lotion or oil that is approved by dermatologists and paediatricians is safer. The massage oil by Baby Dove is not just dermatologist and paediatrician approved, but also mommy tested – 97% of moms who tried it say that it keeps their babies’ skin moisturised all day long! So much better than having to do the moisturising drill a few times every day, right?

    How to Take Care of Newborn Baby Skin

    With all the advice from your mum, aunties, sisters and grandmothers that may be pouring in, it could get difficult to be your own voice of reason. But remember, no information or education goes wasted, and once you’ve listened to all and sundry, trust your own instincts in knowing what will be best for your baby. These tips will help you make sure you have all you need to begin caring for your little one’s tender skin.

    Baby Massage

    Whether it is to comfort and soothe your darling baby, ease his tummy or simply moisturise his delicate skin, baby massages have proved their worth over the years. In fact, most moms will instinctively gently massage their babies as an act of love. Here are some simple things to keep in mind about baby massages:
    1. Make it part of your daily routine: Try and keep a fixed time for baby massages. A time when the baby isn’t hungry or too full works best as rubbing a hungry belly can cause your baby to cry and a massaging a full one can cause him to spit up his feed.
    2. If you’re picking massage oil, pick an unscented or mildly scented one: Natural oils like coconut are popular but if you want to pick one off the shelf there are plenty of options. While there are a plethora of creams, oils and lotions to pick from, most stop at just being mild and gentle on your baby’s skin. What your baby needs additionally is deep moisturisation that will nourish and replenish lost moisture, keeping your baby’s skin hydrated longer. This hydration will prevent itchiness and discomfort too! You can find all of this and more in Baby Dove’s Massage Oil. It is very mildly fragrant so that it does not irritate your baby’s skin, plus it absorbs quickly too!
    3. Warm the oil a little before you begin: Cold oil on a warm body is not a pleasant feeling. In case you’re averse to heating oil, pour a little oil onto your hand and rub your palms together to generate just the right amount of warmth.

    4. Baby Massage

    5. Keep an eye on your baby’s cues: Babies may love massages but sometimes they are not in the mood. If your baby frowns or cries when you massage him, save it for later.
    6. Be Gentle: Do not apply too much pressure while massaging your baby. Stroking your baby away from the heart i.e from shoulder to the wrist is relaxing and better for pre-nap massage sessions. Stroking toward the heart is stimulating and better for when your baby is wide awake and active.

    Baby Bath

    According to paediatrician Dr. Varsha Saxena, "Moisturising of the child's skin frequently helps in strengthening the skin barrier and seal the hydration. We should choose moisturisers, oil, and other products for the child which are chemical free, hypoallergenic and are made up of natural ingredients. We should also remember that the child's skin should be moisturised immediately after he has taken a bath. This helps in sealing the hydration and moisture in the skin."

    Bathing your baby has a lot to do with the nature of your baby’s skin. However, these tips are generally good to know:
    1. Keep everything you need ready beforehand to ensure that your baby doesn’t get cold while you run around for anything.
    2. Ensure that the room temperature is pleasantly warm
    3. Always bathe your baby in lukewarm water, taking care to clean well near the genitals and other folds.

    4. baby bath

    5. Use only a mild, moisturising soap.
    6. If your baby is prone to dry skin, keep baths shorter.
    7. Try not to rub your baby’s skin aggressively. If you must, use a soft sponge.
    8. After a bath, your baby’s skin may dry out. A massage, especially to induce sleep may prove quite beneficial.
    9. Use a gentle oil, that nourishes baby’s skin and locks in moisture to gently soothe your little one. A massage oil like the Baby Dove Massage Oil is specially formulated to replenish lost moisture.
    10. Immediately after this, put your baby into comfortable clothes.
    11. Make sure to swaddle him to keep him warm and avoid moisture loss

    After Bath Rituals:

    Bathing ensures good skin hygiene – but here’s a conundrum - it doesn’t necessarily ensure good skin health! Confused? Bathing opens up the pores of the skin, and if you don’t do the right things post your baby’s bath, her skin could lose more moisture than you can imagine. So here are a few important things you can ensure after you’re done bathing her.
    1. Immediately wrap your baby in a soft and highly absorbent cloth. Never rub baby’s body dry, let the cloth soak up the dripping water. Do this in the bathroom, because the contrast in the temperature of the bathroom and baby’s room can be quite drastic for the baby to suddenly adjust to, which brings us to the next point, which is…
    2. Ensure the baby’s room is warm. Being exposed to cold air immediately after a bath can give your baby a cold, whereas the dry air of the room can make her skin lose moisture. A good way to combat this is by using a humidifier. If you don’t have one, you may want to think about getting your baby warm and dry in the bathroom.

    3. After Bath Rituals

    4. Don’t forget to use a good body lotion formulated for babies, which promises hydration. Apply it liberally on your baby hands, legs, tummy, back, and the bottom too, especially in winters.
    5. Enjoy this time with your baby – bath time is bonding time!

    Baby Skin Care during Seasonal Changes

    Dress your baby according to the weather. A general tip to remember is: dress your baby in light layers, instead of using just one thick garment. This makes dealing with temperature changes easier, as you simply have to peel down or put on layers.
    1. In summers, it is essential to only put natural fibre clothing like cotton and linen to keep your baby cool and free from irritation. Also, remember to keep your moisturisation routine intact to keep baby’s skin hydrated.
    2. In winter, your baby’s skin might lose more moisture and may need intense hydration through breastfeeding and oil massages. This is because humidity is lower in winters both inside and on the outside.

    Remember always that caring for a baby is different for different mums and we’re sure you will do so in the best possible way. Above all else, trust your instincts because nobody knows your baby like you do!

    Things People Told Me About Baby Skin Care - and What I Eventually Learnt

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    This is really good information for new moms, greatly explain and useful tips to make Babies skin more smooth and glowing
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    An extensive and in depth article. Many a times we simply follow the massaging, bathing and moisturising routine blindly without knowing why, when and how exactly they should be fine. This post details it all. Very informative for new moms.
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