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    Baby Month 12 — Growth and Development
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    Baby’s development in month 12
    14 September 2016

    Baby Month 12 — Growth and Development

    5 mins read
    for Baby, Toddlers
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    How time flies! Your little bundle of joy is now 12 months old! Your baby will exhibit a lot of different kinds of behavior, and will meet a lot of milestones – such as his first steps, being able to say mama and dada, even his first smile!


    Check out your baby's major developmental milestones in month 12 and be sure to observe his growth and development. And of course, when in doubt, make it a point to clear it with your paediatrician.

    Physical Development :

    • Your baby has finally given up drinking milk from the bottle. He is now perfectly able to hold a cup by himself and drink milk from it instead. And he no longer needs the pacifier either. He will now enjoy mouthing and touching objects of different textures instead.
    • You can now introduce baby to cow's milk. However, make sure you don't give too much milk as he should also have solid foods. Since your child has now got a good number of teeth, including his upper and lower lateral incisors, he can handle most foods. Consult a baby food chart to ensure your little one is getting adequate nutrition.
    • Your baby can now sit and stand on his own, and has even taken his first steps.
    • He is finally able to hold objects between thumb and forefinger in a pincer grasp. Help him further develop his motor and cognitive skills via activities like filling and emptying containers.
    • He will also be able to rake objects in with extended hands and arms.

    Social and Emotional Development :

    • He can now recognize not just you, but the faces of the other people in his life.
    • Your little one now happily waves bye-bye to people and objects appropriately. Clapping, waving and pointing are something you will often see your baby doing. In fact, hand waving is an important milestone for your baby at this age. If your baby still hasn't achieved this, go here to see how you can make it happen.
    • He also enjoys playing games like peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake.
    • Emotionally too, your baby will grow rapidly. Your baby will start feeling strong emotions and impulses at this age. It's imperative that you teach him how to deal with them lest he becomes an out of control, badly behaved toddler.

    Cognitive Development :

    • Say goodbye to decoding baby cries, for your baby can express emotions like fear and sadness through facial expressions. All in all, there will be 6 common signals your baby will use to express himself.
    • You can now play a variety of fun games with your baby now that he is old enough to understand the rules.
    • With the ever increasing development of your baby's frontal lobe, your baby's mind is slowly but surely getting complex. If you are curious about knowing what's going on in your baby's mind, all you have to do is click here.
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    Linguistic Development :

    Contact your Paediatrician If/When you Notice :

    Although every child is different and develops at his or her own pace, there are certain warning signs that should not be ignored. Make sure you consult your paediatrician when you notice any of the following red flags:
    • Does your child not respond to sounds he hears often, even his own name? He doesn't draw your attention by pointing at things, and is unusually quiet. Both are signs of early autism. Don't rely on common knowledge to know about the signs of autism as that often tends to be unreliable. Make sure you are aware of the signs of autism in the early years of your baby's life.
    • As baby gets more active, there will be accidents and injuries. Try and prevent them by thoroughly babyproofing your home. Always keep a first aid kit on hand, and if a wound looks nasty or refuses to heal or even if you simply feel that something is not quite right with your baby, go straight to your doctor.
    • Some children don’t express the right emotion at the right time. This is normal as they are still learning about emotions. Try and understand the feelings and emotions your baby is capable of displaying and check with the doctor if you are worried.

    Vaccination Schedule for Month 12 :

    Hepatitis A, MMR, PCV and Influenza are just a few of the vaccines your 12 month old has to take without fail to stay in good health. Consult this vaccination guide to make sure you keep your little one protected from all the viruses, bacteria and illnesses out there.

    Your baby is soon going to turn 13 months old. Take a look at the development and milestones he will be meeting at this very exciting stage in his life.

    Find out what happens in Month 13

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