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    Aaradhya Bachchan Did Something This Year To Become Ganpati Bappa’s Favourite
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    aaradhya bachchan doing ganesh puja
    08 September 2016

    Aaradhya Bachchan Did Something This Year To Become Ganpati Bappa’s Favourite

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    It’s that time of the year. The winds are fragrant with modaks and the aarti makes the evening light magical. Ganpati Bappa has come visiting for the annual Ganeshotsav and he is being worshipped in households and pandals all over the country. Now while Ganesha doesn’t discriminate between people and keeps his blessings equal for everybody, he does make an exception for children! Kids are the God’s absolute favourite, what with their innocence and purity of soul. Little Aaradhya Bachchan was out with her family to visit a Ganesha pandal in Mumbai. What she did to please the laddoo-eating God will steal your heart right away!


    The Bachchans are extremely fond of Lord Ganesha. Every year, when the festival comes along, they religiously visit him in the pandals. While they don’t bring a Ganpati idol home, they organise aartis and poojas for the Lord in the pandals they visit. Now, while the elders in the family have been doing this every year, there is somebody else who has found a novel way of winning Ganesha’s heart.

    Little Aaradhya, who will turn five this November, is very fond of the Ganesh festival. She likes to participate in the festivities around it and remains very excited for it throughout the ten days. Somewhere in her little heart, she knows that Ganesha is a very significant member of their world. She sees her mom Aishwarya praying to him every day and lighting diyas in the house around evening. She also observes her Grandpa Amitabh Bachchan praying to LaalBaug Cha Raja, whose one glimpse is said to be enough to fulfil your prayers. After observing her family, Aaradhya has decided that there is something she too can do to make Ganesha happy.
    The little sweetheart has learned the Ganesha aarti and loves singing it too! Her mom has been teaching her the Ganesh aarti since she was three and now she actually knows the whole mantra. Along with this, she also makes modaks with her mom and naani – exactly the coconut-filled sweets that Bappa loves so much ever since his mom Parvati gave them to him! As per the story, Ganesha first ate modaks when the Devas who had come to visit Shiva and Parvati presented them with a divine Modak. This modak let the person who ate it become knowledgeable in all scriptures, science, art and writing. Parvati gave it to Ganesha after he proved to her the true meaning of devotion – the devotion to one’s father and mother. This is why parents encourage their kids to make the modak offering to Ganesha while chanting the aarti.Aaradhya and Aishwarya at Ganesh Puja"I (Aishwarya) actually enjoy the aarti myself. I feel it's such a beautiful song, so right from the beginning I would make Aaradhya listen to it very often in the evening. I tend to put on the aarti when we start lighting diyas in the house in the evening. So she enjoys it. For her, it's this absolutely enjoyable number.


    Our children take after us; we are their role models from an early age. Whether it comes to establishing their religious beliefs or encouraging them to rest their faith in a higher power, this teaching should start early. Faith is a beautiful, powerful thing, and children have such purity that they can lend themselves to God with all their heart. Even in Bollywood, where everything is glamorous and often superficial, this is a constant. Celebrity parents, just like us, want their kids to grow up into strong, happy adults, believing that God will protect them. Aishwarya Rai, who has been doing Ganesh Puja since she was a child, has passed this on to her daughter. Vrinda Rai, Aishwarya's mother, says that Aish used to enjoy participating in all kinds of pujas and festivals right from when she was a tiny tot. It’s no wonder then that Aaradhya is following in her footsteps!

    “I have this little mandir at home, where I have put all the Ganpatis. We all keep getting so many Ganpatis of all sizes. There are many small-sized Ganpatis in the mandir, which Aaradhya would play with since she was small."

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    We are sure Ganesha is enjoying all the attention from the little one. He loves the aarti for sure, and as for the modaks, his love for them is famous all over heaven and earth! This festive season is a wonderful time to introduce your children to religion, God and deeper questions about life. Make the most of it and yes, don’t forget to indulge in the sweet treats!

    How are you and your little ones celebrating Ganeshotsav? Are you doing the puja at home or visiting the pandals in your area? Do post your pictures in the Memory Section so we can join in the celebrations!

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