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    9 Kinds of People You HATE After You've Had a Baby
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    21 September 2018

    9 Kinds of People You HATE After You've Had a Baby

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    There are several challenges a mom faces in the months following her baby's birth - including dealing with these 9 types of annoying people!


    Having created and borne a full-fledged human being inside your body for 9 months, you would think that you’ve seen and dealt with every situation imaginable - up until the baby arrives, of course. Suddenly, you wonder if your pregnancy was possibly more comfortable than you’d given it credit for, when the sleepless nights, aches and pains continue in full swing - this time with a crying baby in tow!
    When the going gets tough, it’s only normal for you to want all the wonderful humans in your life to extend their helping hands. Some people, you’ll discover, are a Godsend - they have the answers to all your questions, delicious food prepared just for you, and can comfort a crying baby and an exhausted mommy at the same time. But on the other side of the coin lie the exceptions - the ones whose visits make your skin crawl and cause the butterflies in your tummy to zap and zoom about!
    However, this list isn’t limited to houseguests - as it happens, there are several things people do that can really test your patience!

    9 Types of People You Can’t Stand After Having a Baby

    Post the arrival of the baby, you can’t help but wonder if certain people in your life were always this annoying or whether they gained the talent of making your blood boil with their presence in the recent past! Of course, it’s not the people, per se, who irritate you; rather, it’s what they tend to do:
    1. ”We’re here to help - just not do actual work” Helpers

      We’re referring to the self-proclaimed ‘baby-help-volunteers’ who assigned themselves the role of being there for you once the baby is born. Your expectations? They’d help clean up, run errands, and free you of the baby for short periods so that you could rest. Your angels without wings, in short.
      The reality? Ha-ha-HA!

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      Once your rose-tinted glasses that your pregnancy brain gifted you fell off, you saw that these ‘saviours’ would come home regularly - but only to gush over the baby, and nothing else! Certainly nice of them to help in playing with your child, while you walked around in a zombie-like haze tending to household chores, none of which they offered to assist you with. Yes, quite helpful!

    2. The Latecomers

      Punctuality has never mattered more to you, ever since you’ve had the baby! When your friends wish to come over to see the baby, you painstakingly carve out time from your tight schedule and choose a time that’s absolutely convenient for you and your baby...only to have them show up an hour later with plenty of excuses! You lose out on the precious time you could have caught a few winks in or have had a decent meal; they fail to comprehend why you’re not welcoming them with open arms. The fact that your bandwidth to entertain guests is now severely limited is yet another aspect that they don’t understand!

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    3. ”Atithi! Tum kab jaoge?” Visitors

      What’s worse than helpers who don’t help? Helpers who don’t help and stay for eternity, or what seems like an eternity! These are the people who come from far away, which means that they consider it their duty to extend their stay for as long as possible. Which would be great if their stay meant additional rest hours or baby-related-assistance for you; but sadly, that’s usually not the case. Having these houseguests over means that you now have more people to cook and clean for, and take care of, in addition to the baby!

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    4. The Ill Ones You Get Sick of Instantly!

      “Thank you for coming over to visit my newborn child, whose immune system is still developing and could use a fun challenge such as fighting the dangerous germs you’re bringing in! How considerate of you!” For one, these people are ill. For another, they actually do not consider it important to either let you know of this fact before they arrive, or reach out to coochie-coo your baby before they’ve even washed their hands! It’s all you can do to not fall at their feet begging them to keep their germ-filled presence away from yourself and your poor newborn, who’ll have to bear the brunt of their illness once they’re gone.

      via GIPHY

      Tip: We say, manners come second in this situation. Provide guests with wipes or sanitizers if they ask to hold the baby (and if they’re really sick, refuse them politely altogether). After all, it’s you who’ll have to deal with an ill child (if you don’t fall ill yourself first), post their visit!

    5. Any Human Who Rings the Doorbell

      “Why?? Why would you do this to me right after I spent the past two hours getting my baby to sleep!!”, you’ll cry as the doorbell rings again and sets off your baby in the process.
      This could be any single person - from your family and friends, to the supermarket delivery boy to the postman to your next-door neighbour. You’ll probably notice how many times a day your doorbell is actually used by others, and the sheer frequency would make you want to rip it off the wall!

      via GIPHY

    6. Whoever Decided to Make Medical Information Available Online

      As a new mom, you’ll pretty much be knackered with the weird symptoms your body keeps throwing up once in a while. Add a baby to the equation and you’ll find yourself glued to Google, checking why he has those new rashes near his arm or cries like the world is ending. All that information, however, is not really going to provide you with answers; if anything, you’ll find yourself diagnosing the baby with diseases you’ve never heard of before, cursing the internet and all its free information while you’re at it!

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    7. The ‘Helpful’ Critic

      Okay, as much as you are new to the motherhood circuit, you know that your baby isn’t in the wrong hands when he is with you. But some experienced mothers definitely don’t feel that way! They find tiny faults and proffer their valuable advice or the ‘right way to do something’, and their niggling criticism won’t really bode well with you - especially when what you’re doing is working pretty well for you!

      via GIPHY

    8. Your Husband Who Sleeps Peacefully

      As much as your husband would be totally helpless when it comes to breastfeeding if the baby wakes up during the night, you can’t help but feel a surge of anger when you hear his contented snores. Not while you’re up for the 4th time in a row at 3 am, trying to console your crying baby to sleep! Maybe make husband dearest bottle-feed the baby for a few nights to make things even, what say ladies?

      via GIPHY

    9. Also the People Who Praise Your Husband Endlessly...

      ...for doing the exact same things you do every single day!
      It’s no doubt that mothers are underappreciated in our society, but giving birth to a baby will make you realise just how much this holds true. As a mother, you also fulfil multiple roles such as being a walking food truck, an on-the-go cleaning service, and security blanket for your baby EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF EVERY SINGLE DAY. But why is it that when your husband as much as holds the baby or changes his diaper, people stop dead in their tracks to applaud him? Not very fair, is it?

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    We know that none of these people truly mean to inconvenience you or make you feel inadequate in any way - well, not everyone! But as a new mom, you have enough and more on your plate to worry about; not to mention hormones raging about and functioning on limited sleep. All the same, take it all with a pinch of salt - you’ll still have some trusty family and friends to counter all the annoyances that come your way!

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