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    8 Ways You Didn’t Know Bath Time Could Boost Your Baby’s Development
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    13 December 2018

    8 Ways You Didn’t Know Bath Time Could Boost Your Baby’s Development

    6 mins read
    Health & Safety
    for Moms, New Born, Baby, Toddlers, Pre-schoolers
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    Bath time can actually prove productive for your baby's development. Here's 8 ways you didn't know it's helping your baby!


    Babies sure love bath time. You can tell from the way they can’t stop gurgling with happiness while they’re splashing about in the water, and start crying as soon as they’re picked up from their little tub! Hygiene is, of course, the key objective behind giving your baby his bath. But apart from keeping him squeaky clean, bath time offers benefits for your baby’s development that you probably haven’t heard of!

    8 Ways Bath Time Benefits Your Baby’s Development

    Your little one’s bath time helps him in this following ways:
    1. He has your undivided attention.

      Your baby needs and deserves your attention at all times, but there will be several distractions that get in the way of you giving your baby complete focus. Well, not during bath time! Bath time guarantees one-on-one interaction between mom and baby (daddy too, if he’s the one doing the job). Your gentle tones as you talk sweetly to him, maintaining face-to-face contact with a loving smile; these are the little things that help in creating a positive experience for your baby and keeping him happy and smiling!
    2. He receives your loving touch.

      The significance of your touch for your baby is quite high. For little ones who haven’t yet grasped verbal communication, the ‘touch’ becomes their first language, or a way for them to call for attention. While bathing your baby, you’re constantly engaged with him with regard to skin-to-skin contact - whether it’s when you’re using a mild moisturizing bar like the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bar to massage him all over his body, or while holding him tight as you rinse the soap off and dry him! Cuddle with your baby once he’s wrapped up in his soft towel or dressed in his little onesie to prolong the experience of skin-to-skin contact.
    3. Bath time is a playground for the senses.

      There is so much stimuli your baby is exposed to while bathing - the sounds of his bath toys and your happy voice, the feel of the comforting warm water, the mild fragrance of his moisturizing bar that will make his skin feel as soft as cotton! All of these multi-sensory stimuli activate your baby’s sensory system, leading to its development.
      To make sure that your little one gets the best out of his bath, make sure that the temperature of his bath water is just right, so that it doesn’t scald or freeze him! Among the different sensations that he experiences, pain or irritation shouldn’t be one of them - which is why you need to ensure that the cleanser you use is safe for your baby’s eyes, like the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Hair to Toe wash, with its no-tears formula that is ophthalmologist-tested.

      Bath time is a multisensory playground for babies

    4. It increases your baby’s language skills.

      Talking or singing to your baby continuously during bath time helps him learn new words, songs, and adds to his ever-growing vocabulary. Since bath time is strictly mommy-and-baby time, use these sessions to have undistracted conversations with him, even if they are going to be one-sided initially. Point to his toys, name them out loud, and encourage him to repeat it after you. You can also sing nursery rhymes or simple songs, or play light music in the background, all of which also helps improve his memory.
    5. Bath time is a great time for role play!

      If your baby is old enough, you can give him action figures or dolls to play with in the tub. Make up stories about the toys or teach your baby how to care for his doll, just like how you’re caring for him. This helps enhance your baby’s creativity and broadens his horizons, making him aware of different characters and roles he can don, as well as how to make use of the things around him in different ways - for example, his shampoo bottle can also be a boat for his little soldier toy to sail on!
    6. Bath time encourages your baby’s inner scientist!

      As your baby grows older, he’ll learn to do different things in the bath. He’ll learn that certain toys of his, like plastic ones, float easily in the water, while his heavier toys sink instantly! He’ll experiment scooping up water with a mug and pouring it out; learn that the harder he hits the water, the bigger the splash; and many different concepts during bath time itself. You can also encourage him to draw and paint during this time by using different colours of food colouring on the surface of his tub. It’s going to get messy, for sure, but doing this during bath time with the easy availability of water to rinse everything off makes it better!

      Bath time helps your baby's inner scientist develop

    7. Fragrances make great memories!

      Even the mildest fragrance of something familiar can take you back to the time you smelt it before and bring back a lot of memories. The same holds true for bath time too. The fragrance associated with bath time will become familiar to your baby, and he’ll learn to remember it as the time he had lots of fun playing with mommy while she laughed and splashed water all over him! In fact, Baby Dove bath products have a very mild fragrance and is super delicate on your little one’s skin - perfect for your baby to associate your gentle loving care with!
    8. It prepares your baby for good sleep.

      A nice, warm bath helps even the most tensed adult to unwind and relax; it’s no wonder that your baby sleeps peacefully after his splish-splash session! It reduces the cortisol (stress hormone) levels in your baby’s body and relaxes him, enhancing his sleep, and in turn, enabling the development that good sleep guarantees.
      If your baby is the type who hardly sits still in the bath tub, skin-to-skin contact between you and the baby could be limited. To make up for this, you could give him a nice massage before bedtime to relax him further. A dollop of a moisturizing lotion like Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion, a gentle massage, and your baby will drift off to sleep in no time!
    Bath time needn’t just be a routine activity that you follow for the sake of cleanliness alone. With the different benefits it provides, the 20 to 30 minutes you spend giving your baby a bath can also be used to contribute to his overall development!

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