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    8 Steps To Dress Up your Baby As Lord Krishna
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    How to dress up baby as Krishna
    02 September 2015

    8 Steps To Dress Up your Baby As Lord Krishna

    4 mins read
    for Toddlers, Pre-schoolers, Pre-teen
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    Close your eyes and picture Lord Krishna – what do you see? Curly jet black hair, a shiny golden crown with a trademark peacock feather tucked in, a vibrant dhoti, a flute, a half eaten pot of butter– and who can forget the mischievous smile on his face! With such an iconic look, you will never lack for ideas to dress up your baby as Lord Krishna!


    Dressing up your kids in fancy, themed get-ups is one of the best perks of being a mom. You can really channel your inner fashion designer, and with a little nip here, a tuck there, maybe stick on some sequins, and voila! Whether you have a baby boy or a baby girl, their cherubic grins and dimpled cheeks make them the perfect model for Lord Vishnu's naughtiest avatar. Before you pull out all the stops though, here are some things to be careful about.

    • Make sure your baby has eaten and rested before dressing him up
    • Test the accessories on baby's skin (especially if they are metal) to avoid irritation or rashes
    • Do not overdo the decorations – your baby will get annoyed if he has to wear too many things
    • Lord Krishna is famous for his dusky complexion. Don't use make-up or paint to change baby's skin colour – this is a strict no-no!

    Janmashtami Fun: How to Dress Up Baby as Krishna

    1. Crown:

      Let's start from the top. You can always buy the ready-made cardboard crowns in fancy market shops. You can also make your own crown by pasting sparkly golden paper onto a band of cardboard. Kick-up your DIY skills a notch and reuse the golden border of one of your old saris cut up to create a cloth crown. Be careful with ready-made metallic crowns though; they could cause irritations or rashes on your baby's skin!
    2. Peacock Feather:

      A baby dressed as Krishna would be incomplete without the peacock feather! You can staple or stitch the feather onto the crown. Or you could skip the crown altogether – tie your baby's hair in a small ponytail on top of his head. Attach the feather to the ponytail and circle it with a gold chain to give it the crown effect!
    3. Dhoti:

      You could wrap a silk dhoti yourself – but oh what problems this could cause! Babies and toddlers are not known for their patience and it could be a headache to wrap it yourself. A much better option is to buy a ready-to-wear dhoti that is easily available in a variety of vibrant hues. Slip it on the baby as you would a pair of pyjamas and your no-fuss dhoti is done!

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    5. Flute:

      The music from Lord Krishna's flute was said to be so beautifully melodic, that all the animals in the forest stopped to listen. Decorate the flute with shiny gold paper. If you are worried about your baby not wanting to hold on to the flute, attach his favourite rattle or a single ghungru to the flute with a thread. Your baby or toddler will love the sounds it produces and clutch the flute joyously!
    6. Butter Pot:

      Use a simple clay pot and decorate the rims with white paint. You can even dip your baby's finger in white paint and encourage him to participate by painting dots and designs on the pot. Do not put real butter in the pot – that could get quite messy. Instead simulate the look with some fluffy cotton.
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    8. Top:

      If you are uncomfortable with dressing up your baby in just a dhoti, put him in a traditional white top with golden borders. If you want to forgo the top, reuse one of the golden borders from an old sari to make it look like a classic Angavastram (stole).
    9. Accessories:

      Be minimalistic when it comes to decking your baby out in jewelery as they can find it frustrating and uncomfortable. Drape gold or beaded chains around your babies neck and anklets on their feet. You can also use a simple, fresh garland. Use bangles or colorful gold rakhis in place of armlets to complete the look.
    10. Face Makeup:

      While you should never do anything to change your baby's complexion, you can still decorate his face to make it resemble Lord Krishna. An elongated tilak nama on the forehead is a must. You can also line your babies eyes with herbal kajal/kohl.
    Now that you have a step-by-step procedure on how to dress up baby as Krishna, you can turn the attention to yourself. You can pose as a harried Maiyya Yashoda, looking on fondly as her little angel plays his pranks. Or you can get your hubby to dress up as Vasudev, holding up the baby Prince in a basket. The possibilities are endless. Happy Janmashtami!

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