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    8 Home Remedies To Tighten Loose Skin After Delivery – At No Extra Cost!
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    how to tighten loose skin after delivery
    10 February 2017

    8 Home Remedies To Tighten Loose Skin After Delivery – At No Extra Cost!

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    The happiness and life-changing experience of motherhood also usually leaves us with something else that seems permanent. The only difference is that unlike the laughter of your baby, or the emotions of love in your heart, this change leaves you feeling distressed. Yes, we mean sagging skin – one of the most common problems that women face after delivery, especially in the belly area.


    Sagging skin after delivery is usually a side effect of all the stretching your body has gone through over the months of your pregnancy. This puts extra pressure on your skin, and now, after your baby is here, it cannot just get back to its original form. Result: loose, sagging skin. Doctors often suggest exercise and medical treatment to fix this problem. However, with rising expenses, and a baby that needs constant attention, you are likely to find little time or energy to exercise or go for fancy treatments! So – does that mean the sagging skin after your delivery is here to stay forever?

    No! There actually are some proven home remedies that guarantee results! Home remedies may take more time to show outcomes, but they always work better in the long term. Plus, you don’t have the risk of side effects either!

    So, here’s presenting 8 home remedies to fix sagging skin – easy to follow, at no additional cost, and sure to work! Are you ready?

    1. Belly Masks

      Belly masks? Yes, there actually exist masks for toning the belly just like there are face masks! Here are 5 recipes that are not only inexpensive, but you can make them entirely at home, with common ingredients easily available in the kitchen. You just have apply them on your belly every day to get that sagging skin under control.
      • Mix fresh grape juice (1 part) and olive oil (3 parts) and let is stay for a week in sunlight in a glass bottle. This is a 100% organic and natural lotion for topical application to your belly.
      • Mix sunflower oil (1 cup) with 3 teaspoons each of glycerine, black clay, milk, 6 teaspoons of Borax cream, and lecithin powder. This will give you a completely homemade potion to massage onto your belly.
      • Rose water is great for your belly too! Take a cup-full, add some lemon juice and almond oil, mix well, and use to give yourself an exotic, soothing, and calming massage.
      • Simply use a mask of multani mitti, or Fuller's earth. It can do wonders for sagging post-delivery belly skin just as it is known to be amazing for facial skin.
    2. Oh Honey Honey!

      If there is one super food that has all the ingredients you need for skin tightening at home, its honey. Honey not only has antioxidant properties, it is also known to show anti-ageing properties, hydrating properties, and contains a good amount of water, vitamins, and minerals. Honey is great for your overall health too. Use one of these recipes to include honey in your day and you will surely see results soon -
      • Green tea with a dollop of honey
      • Honey can be added onto toast, cereal, fruit bowls, and even to milk
      • Warm water with lemon and honey

      Tip: Lemon and Honey drink is the most effective when prepared correctly, using these steps. And yes, best thing to do is to make it a morning habit, as opposed to the coffee!
      Lemon Honey Drink
    3. Coloured Vegetables

      Did you know that collagen is good for firming the post pregnancy belly and tightening the loose skin around it? You probably did. However, did you also know that you can stock up on collagen simply by eating coloured vegetables? Yes! No more of those pills and potions. Coloured vegetables are excellent skin tightening home remedies that boost collagen production in the body. Just remember three colours -
      • Green – spinach, broccoli, romaine lettuce
      • Red – tomatoes, bell peppers, beet
      • Orange – carrots
    4. Zinc For Zero Flab

      Zinc is an important mineral that must be part of your diet to help with cell repair and regeneration – exactly what you need to tighten loose skin after delivery! Bonus: it gets rid of stretch marks, helps in renewing skin, and maintains elasticity of skin too. Just eat these zinc-rich foods to help you up your intake -
      • Chick pea
      • Pumpkin seeds
      • Peanuts and Cashewnuts
      • Mushrooms

      Tip: Try out this mushroom soup recipe for best results; soup will also increase your fluid intake which is good for the skin.
      Mushroom Soup
    5. Fresh Fruits To Catch Free Radicals

      Free radicals are not just bad for sagging skin, they also cause your body to age faster. Pregnancy and delivery can be a tiring affair anyway... imagine if it also makes you age faster! The best way to get rid of free radicals is to pile-up your plate with lots of fresh fruits. They make for a great fulfilling and healthy snack, at any time of the day too, and are perhaps one of the best home remedies for sagging skin. What's more, the following fruits also boost collagen production.
      • Berries – blackberries, raspberries, strawberries
      • Citrus Fruits – oranges, mosambi lemon
    6. Protein Foods

      A sagging belly is not always the result of sagging skin. Poor or weak muscles can also make your belly skin loose after delivery. The best way to tone up muscles is to eat more proteins. Keep in mind the following vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources -
      • Vegetarian Proteins – pulses, sprouts
      • Non-vegetarian Proteins – eggs, fish, chicken
      • Vegan Proteins – quinoa, tofu, soymilk
    7. Skincare For Sagging Skin

      There will be a lot of skin creams and lotions that people around will recommend to you to get your tummy back in shape. While these products certainly help, here are some easy to follow home remedies that you can start on immediately, without spending too much money!
      • Massage your belly everyday with any common oil (coconut oil, almond oil, mustard oil, etc.) to accelerate blood circulation; better blood circulation means firm skin. For best results, get a massage just before your bath; use lukewarm water to bathe.
      • By the way, did you know that you can use baby oil for yourself too? With a new baby, you are bound to buy baby oil for your little one's massage routine. Use some for yourself too!
      • Exfoliate your skin when you bathe. You can use a loofah, or a small turkish napkin for this.
      • Use a mild and gentle soap. Harsh soaps can damage your skin and cause it to sag further. This again is a tip that works for everybody – not just mommies.
      • Give yourself a salt scrub. Make sure to roast the salt for a couple of minutes before using it. You can even add salt to your bathing water.
    8. Water and Exercise

      The reason to combine them together is – the two things are very closely related. Exercise is important to maintain good skin tone, elasticity, and to pull the sagging skin back in. However, it is important to keep yourself hydrated well through the day, and even more so while exercising. As you sweat, the body loses a lot of fluids, and it is important to sip water to keep up these levels. There are plenty of exercises you can do at home to tone your post-pregnancy belly; you don't have to enrol into a gym!
      • One of the easiest ways to incorporate exercise in your daily routine is to start walking – to the store, to the laundry, to pay the bills, and to run all those countless small errands you have to run. You can put a distance limit, and turn it into a mantra: “I will complete any errand within a 1 km radius on foot!”
      • Avoid very heavy weight training, intensive workouts, etc. Start slow, and build your stamina and strength gradually.
      • Consult your doctor and a fitness expert to design a workout plan which includes safe exercises (taking your weight, metabolism, and other factors into consideration).
      • If you are on any kind of medication, tell your doctor and fitness expert about it before you plan your workout.
      • Do not be in a hurry to lose weight. Sudden drastic weight loss can cause your skin to sag further!
      • Make sure you supply your body with good nutrition. Do not start any crash diets.
      • Drink lots of water! Typically, the human body needs 1 litre of water for every 20kg body-weight.
    So these were some (almost) 'no additional expense' remedies to tone that sagging post-pregnancy belly. As women, it is best to make the kitchen your friend. Even if you are not very fond of cooking, your kitchen holds remedies for most common ailments, and even motherhood-related problems.

    Do you have any skin-tightening tip to share with fellow mommies? Do share in the comments section below!

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    Deboshree Bhattacharjee
    I loved the belly masks - so cool to actually have tightening masks for the belly just like for the face!
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    Urvashi Patole
    This is truly relevant!



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